[Archive] Hobgoblin Chief


I have decided after many many minutes of thought, i shall sculpt a hobgoblin boss.

This is my concept art idea so far, i drew this to stop any confusion

Any comments?


Looks pretty cool! Very chaos-y with the eight-pointed stars, that could be good or bad depending on one’s opinion but I like it. What are you going to use as the base for the model?

Traitor King:

nice drawing!

But remember its a goblin and thus that picture looks a little short.

how you going to make? sculpting from scratch?


Welcome to the forum WarplockMonkey, nice concept drawing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hope his arm will be SLIGHTLY thicker, but that’s personal tatse. Otherwise, I think it looks excellent and am eagerly awaiting to see the model…


Definately like the concept, my only worry is that it could come out looking like a human chaos champion with green skin. It would need the big nose and pointed ears to show it was a goblin