[Archive] Hobgoblin conversion idea


Hey, ive been browsing through druchii.net and i found this thread containing some really cool goblin conversions and im tempted to model them myself.

Heres the link:

[PLOG]Mongoblins! - Druchii.net

So what does everyone think?


I saw those on Warseer. Nice conversions, but I prefer taller figures to emphasize the difference in height between Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs.


they look cool, but like geckilian has said, they need to be tallen

Hashut’s Blessing:

They do look good. I’m not so bothered by the height, despite what fluff sys. I’m more concerned about how thick the fur is. Consider the fact that our hobgoblins live in a volcanic wasteland… It will be warm. However, if the furs were deduced, they were on wolfback and taller, it’d look fine. As just mongoblins, I still think they need a little less fur as it obscures too much, but are cool anyway.


I love the sculpting, I’m just not digging the way they look…  but thanks for that link.


I have to say I love the facial hair ! the rest not so convinced

Kera foehunter:

i seen them before but they are so great !!

i thought of useing a form of these to make like a group of snow patrol cd

just when of if there a snow campain