[Archive] Hobgoblin Khans in a unit of Cutthroats?


I’ve seen consistently on the forum that everyone is using hobgoblin Khans on great wolf as a unit to intercept, harass, and redirect the enemy. I however haven’t seen anyone discuss Khans on foot in a unit of cutthroats. Does anyone have a build or recommendation on using the Khan within a unit of cutthroats?


Don’t see any point really. They don’t fight well and they aren’t even that cheap (10pts more than a Goblin Big Boss for the same stats). They can only take 25pts of magic items (not that I can think of anything worth giving them on foot anyway) and can’t even take a great weapon.

Their LD could be useful for the panic tests, except any infantry unit of Hobs will likely be within 12" of the general anyway, CDs being an elite army.

Crucially, they can’t join the same unit as a CD character, so they can’t even be used to challenge or to take up enough space to enable the CD character to deploy in the second rank.

Just no point as far as I can see.

The Odor:

I use one with the Terrifying Mask of EEE! and a shield. It aint great but can be hillarious if something good runs from your little git as he runs screaming at the top of his lungs at them. My general is hovering about on a Lammasu taking care of his pretty machines and can’t be bothered taking care of some whiny slaves that are feeling they might miss Oprah. So a slave driver aint all off.


Does the Infernal Engineer rule work whilst riding a monster?

Thommy H:

Nope. It says in the second line of the rule.

The Odor:

You still get to make the Machines Better I believe. You just ont get a LoS check from 'em.


Yep, you get the re-roll, just not the Look out, sir.


Would a Khan in a unit of Hobgoblins negate their Animosity as he doesn’t have the rule?

Thommy H:

Nope. Page 100 of the Warhammer rulebook: the rules don’t interact in any unusual way unless specifically stated. The Hobgoblins don’t lose their Animosity, and since the Animosity rules affect the whole unit, the Khan will have to abide by the result too.


Damn, I thought there might be use for a Khan on foot after all. Cheers for the quick response!

Groznit Goregut:

The Khan can be used to boost the LD of the unit. I’m going to have my General flying around on a Taurus and not around to help the inf blocks. So, while the BSB is going to be there and I’ll have enough HG’s to be Steadfast, you still need the decent LD to stay put! I’ve had huge units of Steadfast Night Goblins run more times than not…

Also, a cheap character can boost your CR for that unit.