[Archive] hobgoblin on new fenrisian wolves


Hey guys (and gall),

I just bought the new fenrisian wolves for my hobgoblins. Can anyone direct me to a thread in which someone has used them as mounts for their hoblins?

I’m particularly interested in seeing how to mount them properly (because the legs of the hoblins are a bit to wide).

I know I’ve seen some threads containing such photos, but I can’t find them anymore…



Which models are you using for hobgoblins?

Here’s a thread of them being used:



not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but i’ll reply anyways.  I have recently put some Oglah Khan Wolfboyz on the new fenrisian wolves and have taken pics of them.  They can be found on my army blog found on another forum (link below).  It is a local gaming community forum in Indianapolis US.  

Anywho, starting on page two of the thread mid way down the page, you will see pics of these.  Forewarning, i am but just learning how to take pics of mini’s and at the time of taking the pics, the bulbs i was using didnt have the appropraite light spectrum and as a result made the greenskins look very dark.



@Grim: I’m using the oldschool metal ones. I’m a sucker for the classics (and I have them lying around) :slight_smile:

@Boomboom: Cheers! Did you have a hard time bending their legs, or did you do nothing of the sort? Did you pin/grenstuff them into place, or will regular glue hold them?


Bending?  Yes but very little.  Widened the legs of a few.  Wasnt difficult.  The wolf models appear to be made to specifically have a rider in my opinion.  Their fur lays flat on the center of their backs.  Just too bad the best one IMO you cant use out of the 5 you get in a box.  It is the one that looks like it is running really fast and has a hunched back.

Pinning?  Yes, each model is pinned to the wolf

Greenstuff?  Yes, but very little.  I used a little where the metal hobo meets the plastic wolf to increase the surface area for a stronger bond.  Hopefully, you cant see it on the models.


You actually had to widen their legs? Hmmm… My hobbo hero’s legs are too wide.

Anyhow, I couldn’t see the greenstuff on the pictures, so I think we can say it was very nicely done :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked out which hobbo will mount which wolf, because 4 riders are still being bleached as we speak.

I just really didn’t want to bleach and repaint the old wolves… they’ve had their time (much like the imperial warhorses, and the unbarded warhorses yeomen use).


If your models’ legs are too wide you could add a saddle to the wolf that would bulk it out a bit.