[Archive] Hobgoblin Sheikh Conversion


As some of you may know, i have decided to model my chaos dwarfs with a more persian/babylonian flavour. So, altho they are not reminiscent of the original models, my hobgoblins are stlyed in arabic atire. Heres a boss i knocked up one night after the pub using the bits box. Its based on what i think was one of the old fanatic models, with a bit of GS, the old NG champ sword and a skaven arm. Didn’t look like much at first but i’m happy how it turned out.

C, C and just plain old abuse welcome as always


i love the concept! great execution too. i want to see MORE!

cracks whip on fresh slave for al-hashut


Im liking the arab look!

I can just imagine him screaming ‘durk-durka-la!!!’



Great arab garb more!:hat off i like the flavour


Am I to believe that you made that whilst drunk? Top work my friend!


Hehe, i like it very nice! make more Middle eastern guys are sweet!

Kera foehunter:

sweet i like it and your paint job is great too


1 slave for you. Il support all who defend our middle east fluff.

hashut be with you.


He’s excellent, really brings a smile to your face.

caos dwrf:

me likey shiny armour and stuff

Ghrask Dragh:

Great conversion!!

I really like the idea, can’t wait to see the rest :cheers


he looks great. I love the little arrow details painted on his clothes

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks great anyway, but the level of paitning is outstanding as well!