[Archive] Hobgoblin Slaves? Manic Ghouls?


After reviewing my army list in 8th edition I was quite shocked by how small my list was in comparison to 7th.  Now that it is mandatory to bulk up your core units (if you want to win) most of my points have been invested in expensive chaos dwarf warriors and expensive characters, leaving little room for more disposable units that can bog down your opponents elite units and act as a meat shield.

Even though I currently have 50 hobgoblins in my army I’d like to include another unit of 50 because at 2 points each they can overwhelm any enemy unit, especially with the new steadfast rule and the fact they will have a leadership of 10 provided by the BSB.

I’m not willing to invest hundreds of pounds in converting new models but I was thinking about buying the new mantic ghoul miniatures and converting them slightly so they have pointy ears, a pot belly and are obviously painted green.  I was also thinking about adding chains and have some chaos dwarf slave drivers positioned on the rear of the unit with whips…

What do you think??


People have used them for slaves before, but i’ve not seen them converted into hobgoblins I don’t think.
Give it a go, with the mantic prices, its not a big loss if it doesn’t work!


Well that’s a Zombie actually. JFYI

I think you idea is feasible, however, you probably need to fill quite a lot of “rotten parts” on the models.

To make passable Hobgoblins I think you’re going to have to put noses on them as well.

So a little bit more work than you are counting on.

One big question I’d say is will the shambling dead pose work. Arm seems a bit wonky in the pic eg.


think you will need to put so much green stuff on the model, that you better could start from scratch.


i´ve used a mantic ghoul for my daemo goblin…imo they are leaned forward to much,it worked on the mini i made,cause i wanted a position like that,but for normal hobbos i think it doesn´t fit


As hunch backed whipped slaves I think for the price it’s hard to beat mantic.  The torn clothes etc are all suitable for hobgobbos.  If you bits ordered a load of goblin (or maybe Gnoblar?) heads it would be real cheap (and a LOT quicker than sculpting 50 heads).

The zombies could work as well, but would they be a bit tall?  They certainly look more like whipped slaves running for their lives than the ghouls do.


In a crazy twist of fate. I picked up some Zombies at a a Maelstrom sale.

It’s bit of an effort. The main issues are the weedy hands, and finding a suitable weapon and the “gap filling”. There’s only 3 torsos/legs where maybe 1-2 combinations are suitable for something other than Zombies. Though one of the torsos could work for obeisant slaves.

They end up taller than the old metals, but then again what I’ve been doing mainly is anyway.

Mixed in as Rabble with other models I think these could work. Especially if you have actual Zombie use for some of it that might not make good living models.