[Archive] Hobgoblin Steam-powered Bolt Thrower mk II

Lord Aldades:

What better way to celebrate the return to Zharr Nagrund by sacrificing some of your wargame models to the Father of Darkness, Hashut.

For centuries, the Hobgoblins are the most loyal of the servants of the Dawi Zharr. They are not even trusted by the other greenskins that toil in the furnaces in slavery, and take to the battlefield alongside the ranks of armoured Chaos Dwarves.

However, their main machine of war, the simple yet efficient Bolt Thrower, lacks punch at times, and as such the most elite guncrews are sometimes rewarded by the engineers with this upgraded version. Hurling explosive rocket-bolts by a build up of steam pressure, these weapons have a longer range and higher damage capability then their normal counterparts.

The model is a rather simple kitbash, but for the sake of making a sacrifice, I cannibilized on purpose some of my models in the collection from other game systems. The carriage is that of a Union 6pdr gun for 28mm American Civil War gaming. The top section is an Aeronef from Brigade models, turned upside down and pointing the tail outwards. Only the rockets are actually from my bits box, namely two Imperial Guard missiles from the missile launcher sprue.

It will be crewed by the regular hobgoblin crew though Im going to change the bolt in ones hand by altering it with greenstuff to look as another rocket. Rules-wise, itll stay a normal bolt thrower for ease of play.

And the mk II? That is in honour of the really old Hobgoblin missile launcher from about 25 odd years ago…


Nice work! Now we just need to see the crew that goes with it all painted up! I’m on a bit of a Hobgoblin kick lately so bring 'em on!!



Its always good to kick a hobgoblin