[Archive] Hobgoblin tracker/guide


“These individuals seem to know the only safe way of getting across the Mountains of Mourn without being slaughtered by the Ogres. And those fool-hardy enough to try to make this journey without a Hobgoblin guide often find themselves ambushed and slaughtered by Hobgoblins even if they do somehow survive trekking across the Dark Lands and Ogre Kingdoms…” “…the Hobgoblin’s hunting companions the Hobhounds.” (http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/wiki/index.php/Hobgoblins)

Surely you can see where im going, Some hobgoblins (god i love those guys) not sure whether hero or a special unit, but a hobgoblin who can ignore difficult terrain penalty’s and such with a couple of Hobhounds, similar in respects to an ogre hunter, just an idea, i’ll let you make the rules if you decide to bother, I’d like to see Hobhounds making a return either way tho,

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While there are certainly Hobgoblin Tracker/Guides, I would like to think that this is something that gives a player an excuse to play a Hobgoblin in the RPG rather than something that necessarily has to be reflected in their army list. If I am not mistaken, after all, Individual characters always pass through difficult terrain easier than units… don’t they?

However, if you want rules for Hobhounds I have them in the army list I created a while back and they do bring a beastmaster/guide to lead the unit.


I am still working on the special rules for the army, but the unit stats should be fairly balanced. The Hobhounds are an adaption of a unit from one of the Storm of Chaos armies (the Imperial one) with increased cost and -1M, +1S, -1I. I suggest modeling them with riderless Wargs from GW’s LotR set.