[Archive] Hobgoblin Wolf Chariots

Father Grumpmas:

I scratch built a couple of wolf chariots with hobgoblin crew so that they would match my hobbo wolf boyz if I used them both in an Orc and Goblin army.

Started with the spare sides from the Orc Boar chariot, some balsa, and plastic wheels from a 54mm chuck wagon ($2 shop cowboy set)

Pretty quick and nasty build and paint so I am fairly happy with them :idea


where are the wolves from the second chariot from? they look pretty sweet

Uzkul Werit:

That looks pretty awesome. If I could get enough Hobgoblins I’d do a few Chariots to go with an army of them.

The Slaver:

Nice idea, though i would have invested ina darklands chariot instead. Where are those wolves from? not to repeat a question, but they are pretty cool looking.

Pyro Stick:

Im not too keen on the red wheels but apart from that they look great.

Father Grumpmas:

The red wheels are a bit OTT - needs another colour on the rims.

The wolves are both solid base wolves that have been chopped off their bases. The figures are over ten years old - I think one was Grenadier and one was a Shadowrun figure - I can’t remember because some moron cut their base off :~