[Archive] Hobgoblin Wolfcentaur WIP


as i said in my general conversion thread, i’m going to try a different approach to wolfriders. i’m going to make them in line with Bullcentaurs, and mount the upperbody of a goblin on the body of a giant wolf. this will also be a step by step thread, showing how i made the models.

i first made a concept model, using a dire wolf and some unlucky goblin leftovers. i posted the model in my other thread, but here it is again as comparison material:P

first, i assembeld the 2 halves of the wolve… nothing fancy there. i then cut off a piece of sprue as a mounting point for the goblin body and glued it into the place were the wolves head normaly goes. and filled up the area around the piece of sprue to become furr.

then i sculpted the furr on his back

then i had some dinner (pizza :cheers) and a shower. after that i went back to the model and started the front. first, i cut away the bulge on which the head of a goblin goes on… one should do this earlier in the process but i only saw the problem now.i wanted to give him a simular six-pack like look as the rest of my hobgoblins. first i filled out the chest and belly area with some extra greenstuff. i made a line across the area from top to bottom which was middleline of the muscles. then i sculpted the abs and chest area. the head is not yet glued in place.

after that, i sculpted the rest of the furr around the belly, chest and sides of the body.

and then i called it quits for so far. it still needs some work where the head will go and where the arms go, but i need to let this dry for a night at least.

a small side question, what is the best use for wolfriders?? using them as fast archers, light cavalry with spears and shields (they loose their fast cavalry with the shields) or fast cavarly with just spears… or spears and bows (if possible).

Da Crusha:

hey that looks pretty cool it reminds me of another wolf centaur conversion I saw here at cdo but I forgot what his name was. his used a slave human upper half.


always nice to hear that their are other people with crazy ideas:). i still have a few empire militia torsos lying around somewhere… but that would mean i have some models with and some without the sixpack look that my hobgoblin infantry has.

i have a small update, i sculpted the furr on the back of another 4 models… i always like sculpting furr, especialy on the older GW models, because it’s fairly easy and the result looks pretty good. it a shame not a lot of other armies i play need furr sculpting:)


Nice work and a cool cncept. I’ve thought about doing something similar for my WoC army, making centaurs out of marader horsemen. Can’t wait to see more of these.


at the moment i have 4 torsos sculpted… still unsure about the armament though. i asked a friend and his answer was inconclusive. he saw both the bennifits of spears or bows. as with 8 ed. one can shoot a lot more… having a 10 man unit with bows as fastcavalry is a huge plus now.

another option is to magnetise the bodies and weapon arms, as the spear/bow arm are the same side… anybody know where to get magnest from that are that small?


Ebay, neodymium magnets are the best. :wink:

Very nice. I much prefer the hobhounds with the regular wolf bodies to the dire wolves.

Da Crusha:

I magnetized all of my Hobgoblin wolf riders with rare earth magnets so that I can use with or without the riders. I dont remember the exact type of metal it is but I remember buying them as “rare earth magnets”.

I also did this with an entire unit of 6th ed. dwarfs so that they would have interchangeable right arms, either hand weapons, great weapons, or crossbows.


They normally go for a couple of pounds for enough to do a couple of big units on ebay


ok, thanks guys… for as far as i know, rare earth magnets is the term for the substance they use to make them, although there might be a scientific name for offcourse. i’ll have a look on ebay.

Very nice. I much prefer the hobhounds with the regular wolf bodies to the dire wolves.
so do i, but i needed a test first to see what a wolfbody and a goblin torso would look like when stuck together in this configuration.

i’m also thinking of making a Hero/Lord on a Wharg using a chaos hound as a body and some empire militia torso (the one with the long coat). and convert some crazy large pointy hat on top :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity dude what did you do with all the wolf heads? I’m planning some werewolf conversions they’d be handy for…


for now… nothing to be honest. and there’s a large change that won’t be needing them at all, as i don’t play any other army using wolfs (well… space wolves, but i don’t need those heads for them).

if interested, send me a PM and we can work something out :)… i also have some dire wolf heads left from other converion work.

i now have 5 bodies done… and started with assembling the others. unfortunatly, only 9 wolves were in the box… so the shop has to find me a 10th to complete the unit.

i’ve also been searching for some magnets… but what size is best. one seller i found had them with a diametre of 2mm (about 1/8th of an inch i believe) and 1mm thick (less thick then 1/16th, if i calculated right). they were the smallest i could fing

Father Grumpmas:

Wow - very cool.

I’m liking these a lot - very nicely done.


i’ve finished the first 5 of the centaurs.


Awesome nasty guys you made here! :hat off

My favourite is the guy on the left with the spear! :cheers

Now I’m eager to see them painted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



thanks, i too want to paint them. but i have to old back on that for now. i want to finish some other conversions first and then try to paint a small army in one go. once i’ve cleared my mind of most of the crazy conversion ideas i can focus on painting better.


They are awesome models !


i haven’t seen much like this before and its really neat! good work.


really cool.

only (petty) comment is that i think the stomachs are a bit flat.


i’ve been working on a hobgoblin wolfcentaur hero. i found a spare wolfmodel in a bitzbox at my gaming group.

i used an empire militia torso for the body and modifid a wolfriders head to look more like an old hobgoblin champion/hero.

i’m magnetizing the upper body so i can use it either on foot, as a wolf centaur or (when playing with the indy list) a wharg centaur. i’ll also magnetize the arms so i can use different equipment combo’s

Da Crusha:

I think he looks really good especially the Hat, but he is leaning too forward in my opinion.