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All the lists I’ve seen posted up here seem to include hobgoblins, are they a tactical necessity, or can a dwarf exclusive force work well? I ask this because 1) goblins. yeuuurgh. and 2) man thats a lot of models to paint…

BUT I want to be competitive.

advice please?


Ok, other then Hobgoblin Khans on Wolfs they aren’t a necessity. Extremely helpful when equipped with bows dew to chaff removal and fairly cheap.

I myself would never run a pure Dwarf list, as the Hobgoblins make up for the Dwarfs weaknesses (Slow, expensive).

To be competitive i would at least run Khan’s.




thanks for the advice!

so a couple flanker wolf units, but big blocks aren’t necessary?


My choice for 2000 points, is a block of 20 Hobgoblins with Bows, 2 Khans on Wolfs and a unit of 6 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with spears :slight_smile:

I find that’s enough to balance my list.


thanks for the advice!

so a couple flanker wolf units, but big blocks aren't necessary?

Wolves are neccesary IMHO.

About cutthroads, last times I have used in units of 20. For 80 points, you have a unit for obstructing, receive shoots, and anyelse you can imagine. If they die or break, it is not a big lose. Remember hobbos do not cause panic, which is a good thing.


i am not convinced to use HG infantry in big blocks. the idea behind the big block is either steadfast removal or staying steadfast, right? well they are not that dependable even if they are steadfast due to being Ld6, so you have to keep your general within the range for them not to break and the occasional animosity panics.

as a steadfast remover, they are not very handy either. they die in droves hence awarding easy CR to enemy troops, potentially damaging your own unstable units in the end. we have monstrosities which can remove steadfast by killing stuff, rather than bringing more bodies in fight.

as said above, i found the best use for the HGs as a bow regiment of 20ish and possibly a muso. will give you more drops in deployment, can protect WMs from chaff, and you wouldnt be too worried when you lose them.

wolf riders on the other hand are mandatory. too bad that they are listed in rare section; but it is also an indication of how important they are in LoA list. they are the key troops which will help your killy stuff to get where they are needed by preventing enemy’s chaff’s routes, can hunt WMs, etc… just make sure that they have a muso, since they generally operate away from the enemy, hence susceptible to animosity panics. give them spears for the extra punch if your points allow. it will come handy vs dwarf WM crew.

the debate between the khan on wolf vs a regiment of wolf riders is still there. Personally, i field the regiment if my rare points allow them. If not, i draft a khan or two to get the job done but i dont overspend on them.


If you want to use hobgoblins, use them. If not, don’t.

If you go with hobbos, you get some poor troops for the same price as a chaos marauder. But they’re the cheapest troops in the LoA list. Expect them to do nothing except die, just like normal goblins in an OnG army. Give them bows and musician and they can at least shoot at chaff, which everybody seems to have these days.

If you don’t go with hobbos, you have a very elite priced army. Get two blocks of infernal guard (at least 25 each) for your core.

Either way, khans on wolves are useful, one or two do a good job. Wolf raiders aren’t so good, but it gives you an extra deployment drop and they are fast cav.


thanks again for the advice, guys.


For myself I’ve had great results with my hg (25strong) as of today they have broken in combat a unit of chaos ogres, a unit of dragon princes, and a unit of sword masters. Though your results my very I seem to roll parry like a madman, as my friend Jeff would say better lucky than good. :slight_smile:


I read your thread on LoA tactics nilbog, very helpful. I think i’m going to go with a variation of your second, dwarf centric list.

thanks again for all the help! Nice to see such a friendly community.

Groznit Goregut:

I’m surprised I don’t see more Hobgoblins, if you ask me. They are so cheap and so much better than the Goblins that I’m used to that I am just happy to get a list full of them. Maybe it’s the idea that I’ve already got a horde of Goblins painted up that I can use…

Anyways, they cost the same as regular Goblins, but have better stats. Their WS is 3, which is important. Isn’t their Init 3, as well? Also big. You give these guys 2 hand weapons or hand weapon and shield and they will do some damage. Oh, they aren’t amazing, but they are as good as a State Trooper. Throw on Hatred and they get re-rolls.

You have to keep them around your General? Well…unless you have a general mounted on flying monster, is that a problem? You will have LD 10 with a BSB nearby for super cheap troops!!! That’s better than Skaven Slaves! What’s wrong with this situation?

People say these guys are “poor” and I disagree. Goblins, zombies, skeletons, and Skaven slaves are poor choices. These guys are the same as Empire State troopers, who are also 7 pts now. These guys are nearly half the points and just as good. OK, one point of Ld less, but you have a LD 10 general nearby to help that situation.

I think people don’t understand the use of cheap infantry. It’s not really there to win combat. You are there to hold out until something can flank it. If the enemy hits your line and a big unit hits the Hobgoblins and a big unit hits the Chaos Dwarfs…they just need to hold long enough until the CD win or until your K’Daai or BC flank the enemy. To be honest, though, there is a good chance that they can cause a significant amount of casualties in the enemy, as well. If you get some good war machine hits on the enemy on the way in, a big unit of Hobgoblins can mop up what was once a powerful unit in a long grind.


Hobgoblin = cheap units = wound soak + high leadership general within range = staying power