[Archive] Hobgoblins VS. dark elves 1000pt

Hobgoblin King:

I resently got my ex girlfriends little brother a dark elf army and last weekend we played a few games. I have an all hobgoblin army of 1000 pts. wich is pretty interesting, for 1000pts i got 10 decked out wolf rider warriors, 7 wolf rider archers (house rules permitted a unit less then 10) 2 units of 20 hobgoblin warriors decked out, a unit of 20 sneaky gits, a unit of 20 archers and 2 bolt throwers. I kept my 2 hobgoblin heroes out of units so I could use the as flankers and such, the hero on a wolf (my general) had obsidian blade and armor of grazk, my foot hero had gauntlets af bzark the cruel and sheild and heavy armor. He had a unit of 4 cold ones a reaper boltthrower 15 shades 7 dark riders 15 witch elves and 14 warriors his hero was on a cold one and had a hydra blade and some magic armor that granted a ward save. Any way…

My bolt throwers were on the left on a hill and my wolf boys were in front of them. heading right from there was a unit of warriors then sneaky gits then my mounted hero next came the archers with a 10 man frontage then wolf rider archers in front of my last warrior unit.

He had facing of across from my bolt throwrs some shades infront of a reaper bolt thrower then his warriors toward the middle then cold ones and his general and on the far right were his witch elves and dark riders.

turn one- I got first move and marched my general to within 8 inches of his cold ones and general so he could’nt march and I could shoot at him longer I charged his shades on my left with my wolf boys and ran my wolf rider archers up to shoot at his dark riders. the rest of my army hung back, crazy as it was I realized I had shooting superiority over him now that his shades were tied up. shooting phase was crazy rolling double 6s to hit his cold ones with my bolt throwers thus killing two and instantly getting my points out of the bolt throwers. My wolf archers shot at his dark riders and killed one my other archers were out of range. the combat with the shades was barely won by my wolf riders but he stayed put. I almost felt guilty about the double 6s but thats the game. His turn he moved up across the board and charged my lone general with his and the remaining cold one, I was going to flee but I decided to weather it and see if I could survive the charge I still had a 3 plus armor save do to armor of grazk so I risked it. his dark riders ran up and shot down 2 of my wolf archers and his reaper scewered three hobgoblin warriors. his shades lost again and were run down leaving his reaper bolt thrower right in there trail, I would charge next turn. his general and cold one only caused one wound which I matched and killed his cold one knight, tying the combat. My turn I declared a charge on the reaper bolt thrower. no other movement, shooting I missed with my bolt throwers but dropped three dark riders with combined fire from my archers and mounted archers. I inflicted a wound on his general destroying his armor with the obsidian blade and he failed to wound me with his hydra sword because he was only strength 4 so I had a 2+ save. he stayed put though. The reaper bolt crew were slain by my wolf riders.

His turn he charged my wolf rider archers with his dark riders and I ran from him leaving his knights right in front of my archers. other than that his warriors killed 4 more hobgobs and his general was slain.

My turn I ralleid the wolf archers andshot everything at the witch elves killing four. I charged his warriors with my wolf boys from behind and beat him but he stayed put. I charged his dark riders with my sneaky gits but failed to would though he killed three in return we both stood our ground.

his turn he moved his with elves up more and would get a charge in next turn his warriors lost again but stayed put. his dark ones got wiped out by the sneaky gits only killing 2.

my turn I charged his remaining warriors with my general and in between him and the wolf boys they broke the elves and ran them down. I shot everything including the bolt throwers at the witches and killed 6 of them, they lost there frenzy.

His turn he charged my archers with the witch elves and i stood and shot killing 2 he failed his leadership and ran, next turn i caught his last unit with my wolves and I won with that… I did’nt lose one combat which is lucky because chances are if i did half my army would run off do to poor leadership and I was able to win through combat resolution not combat. I lost only 15 hogboblins and killed about 50 elves. it was his first game and he made plenty of mistakes (not doing combined charges using his shades horribly, he put an asassin in his with elf unit and it was’nt able to do anything but kill 5 pts worth of hobgoblins at a time etc.etc.) but I was suprised the hobgoblins pulled off a massacre!

We had some house rules like no minimum unit size and no cap on magic pts costs. It is really fun fighting armies with low streangth and toughness that have somewhat low armor and about a third as many of them.


Hobgobs are so sneaky :wink:

Nicely done!