[Archive] hobgoblins


Hey guys I was thinking about using 36 ard gobbos in an all comers list.

I need opinions befor my naked hobgobbos get choped to bits.


36 in one unit? In total? How are you distributing them?


I’ll be using them as a screen or a suicide unit and I bet you wonder why I pay so much for a suicide unit, well I just don’t like to see them die.Oh and the unit costs 174 pts.


Only use the minimum number you need to distract and screen so the least amount if Victory Points are given up. 36 in one unit seems excessive, unless you are fearing elves…


If 36 is all the hobgob models you can muster I would suggest you run 10 as bait and 26 as follow-up. Working together you may be able to get that 26 in a unit’s flank and actually win a combat.

Alternatively the 10 can charge the flank if the 26 get hit and dont run, now you get flank bonus and eliminate ranks.

having another deployable is also a bonus in case you want to deploy heavy on one flank first with gobbos, and then put all your serious units and warmachines on the other in a denied flank tactic.


Yes I was fearing elves seen as 5 of the pointe ear’s are my rehuler opponents all with mages and battle forces to a 1000pts army.Plus played a game today I suck at screening so suicide unit it is btw my suicide units actully tend to win combats.