[Archive] Hodag Games New Hobgoblin Archers


8 new Hobgoblin Archers are going into production now to go along with the Hobgoblin Chieftain.

Preview here-

Command figures are next in line for mastering.

Command figure green previews along with our shaman should be available shortly with the launch of our new website.  

Chieftain is available now from Gorgon Studios…archers in a week or so…

Thanks for looking!


Look great, looking forward to the website ive heard it’s really awesome.

Prepare for ordering soon!

Also Resin or Metal?


Not for me I’m afraid, I’ll stick with the new mantic gobos for my hobos.


Spectacular smurfs-hobbos.

Just joking, man: they look gorgeus.


I love these! Exactly the type of look I want. Can’t wait to pick some of these up from your website.


Also Resin or Metal?

All of the miniatures are currently metal. We did some experimentation with resin and I was not at all happy with the results- too much breakage and issues with painting.

I will update when they are up for sale.


A few more detail shots


Very nice models - not as good as the hero but nonetheless very nice!

I’m curious to see “normal” troopers and Wolfriders"!

Then I will buy a full troop!



kinda remind me of these guys from Wizard of Oz


Guess we should have done bigger Russian style hats instead of Mongol style!


Guess we should have done bigger Russian style hats instead of Mongol style!

you could always do the hand weapon troops with the Russian Ushanka's..:hat off


Archer packs are now available, along with Command figures and a Shaman-

All will show up on the Hodag Blog over the next week here-


Also have the new website online and the pictures should be updated shortly there as well!

Thanks for your patience!