[Archive] Holiday Spoils


So with the main event of this holiday season over what kind of loot did everyone rake in?

The main things I got were an iPod Touch, loads of money for new clothes some Werner Klocke elves the FFG Death Angle SH Card game, and a subscription to White Dwarf (with the bonus Dwarf Engineer)… oh, and I bought myself the Skaven army book, and the new plastic Daemon Prince for a conversion :wink:



A NERF gun I didn’t have, the Goldeneye Nintendo Wii game, and… well, not much else is as noteworthy as those two.


Fable 3, Fallout 3, pile of dvd’s huzzah!

Da Crusha:

a few gift cards, zombie survival book, hopefully soon the raging heroes lammasu, oh and a gulden drakk beer 10.4% :cheers


Moscal General on War Bull from my brother, large set of oil paints, acrylic paints and some fimo modeling clay.


Something smelly women seem to like, a protective cap for my Iphone and razors, yay…


I got the rEaper Mushroom king for my Snotlings… huge gift card to spend at the game store! Family Guy: it’s a Trap, Avatar Extended cut dvd set, socks (I really needed socks!) book store gift certificates… and I’m going to my parent’s today, where rumor has it there may be some Dwergs who have trekked up from AU!!! woot! all in all sweet take!!


Something smelly women seem to like

I'd stay away from those smelly women ;)

I got a nice camp stove, and technically the Droid phone I got a couple of months ago was for xmas too. Nothing gaming related at all unless you count the Rubicks Cube - I want to work out how to solve it myself, none of those guides.

I never realised how much self-assembly there was with a Hotwheels garage (for my 2-year-old, although it is pretty awesome)


Spent most of Christmas assembling Barbie toys for my daughter. Toys for my son weren’t so bad.


Barbie dolls need assembly?

Anyways, I got a nice amount of money, which I now need to decide how to spend…


Barbie dolls need assembly?

That's a start point for serial killers!

Fable 3 is awesome!


cash haha x’D

@Da Crusha
You mean Gulden Draak beer? From Belgium? that some fine stuff, had that just 2 days ago haha.


Barbie dolls need assembly?

Barbies? No. The barbie jet, car, boat etc... Yes.


Bit of a hobby nerd I’m afraid.

My slaves managed to acquire the Horus Heresy art book thing, a doomwheel and Be’lakor.


I had to assembly Playmobil dungeon with dragon and bolt thrower : first step to get my sons into the hobby, gniark gniark ! :~

And for me : some modelling/painting stuff, a purse (empty…), and a mighty Hellcannon :smiley:


My wife got me Cobra S2 5 wood and 3 wood, I’m really tall and they need to be lengthened, but they officially destroyed my game for 2 and a half rounds of golf until I swore off all the long sticks. I did get MYSELF some new Chaos Dwarf figures to fill out the army I started in 2000. First Warhammer Fantasy figures I bought since '02 at the latest. Damn you guys and this site. In other news my best friend and I are going to get 2000 points of squigs to have Squig Wars.



you seem to be the only one useing it around here... not sure if everybody is familliar with it, so... is everybody?!

i got COD3 for wii and more other stuff.


Red Dead Redemption, Inception DVD and my dad got me a drill with a million grinding/sanding/filing attachments of awesome.


My kids got lots of toys and were very happy - it’s pretty cool seeing your child run to the Christmas tree exclaiming ‘He came! He came! Santa Claus came!!!’

It’s been a bit of a tough year, so my wife and I passed on gifts for one another - but we went out to the in-laws’ farm and had a gigantic feast and a couple days of relaxation and fun in the snow.

However, I recently discovered ‘pulp’-era gaming (think ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘Call of Cthulhu’ and other fictionalized 1930s stuff) and am pretty excited about giving that a try… Given my love for all things HP Lovecraft-related and cheesy B&W Scifi movies, it could be a lot of fun… and, as it uses a lot fewer miniatures, a bit easier on my near-non-existent entertainment budget.


Ork Dreadnaught, and only because I happened to go by the gamestore while shopping for food and I jokingly told my mom we should go in there to buy toys to the kid. I still maintain she dared me.

I was in today again actually to pick up a BfSP set on a discount, 50�,� for the Orc stuff can’t be bad. And there’s some Dwarfs to torture as well I guess.