[Archive] Holiday weekend

Kera foehunter:

Yea 3 day off!!! .Now i have time till monday(Where i will see myfamily for a cook out) paint ,paint and more painting.I get to wear my sweat pants and a flannel shirt all day i feel like a guy now!!!

Willmark what time is the cook out???:cheers


Our long weekend was last weekend, Victoria Day weekend. Also lovingly known as May 2-4 (not because of the date, but because of the number of beers that come in a case). it’s also usually the first weekend of cottage season.

I, on the otherhand, went to New York City with my best friend to visit a friend who is now living down there full time. it was awesome.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend Kera, and all you other CD Americans! rock the lumberjack look :wink:


Happy holidays… or what it’s called :wink: I thought I was the only girl with a flannel-shirt as my painters clothes :open_mouth: Unfortunately I accidently threw mine away… can’t find it anyway…


I on the otherhand have to work all weekend at my part time job. I have to work today but do have Monday off. :confused:

Kera foehunter:

Part time job ??Is that working at gw store willmark??

well i the living room painted im done yea!!


nope for Apple

Hashut’s Blessing:

I get a 3 day weekend because of a Bank Holiday. However, I’m currently working the odd hour here and there at me local chippy and sod all else :smiley: