[Archive] Holy blap

hashuts lil helper:

Vintage freak you must be rolling in it.

marauder mage


Thank you very much, i just got tea all over half the room looking at that, here i am minding my own business looking at a post drinking a nice cup of tea and then in shock out it comes spitting all over the place like berzerk Pob (1980s kids tv reference there)  

Thats a huge price, the highest ive ever seen, great one :slight_smile:


Never seen CD prices such as these, but I really cannot complain… Don’t really know what’s happening but it is good to be on the selling side these days. Martin


What is happening with eBay these days??

First $78 for Vintagephreak’s Boar Centaur #2 and now more than a $100 for his Mage - have you diped them in gold or something :stuck_out_tongue:

This is to depressing - I’m off to bed now - thank you very much - hlh :smiley:


Guess the economic crisis is over! :stuck_out_tongue:


It is very odd how in a time of economic crisis that old models that are due for a replacement (fingers crossed) with an army list that cannot be used at a large number of tournaments are increasing in price.

Personally I love them but am still confused as to why over the past few days Chaos Dwarfs have been selling for such vast sums


In the old days people bought land in the times of crisss - now the buy miniatures :smiley:

I also can’t really understand why this Mage is sold for more than a $100. There have been Mages up for sale pretty offen resently - and there are 2 more Mage-auction at the moment - really strange!

And yes Martin, you may be laughing all the way to the Bank - now thats what I call good timing