[Archive] Holy Crap! Signs of life on the Online store @ GW


At least in the US, the GW online store been deader then dead, but look at this (and yes I realize many of these have been for sale on the UK site for quite some time… :slight_smile:



Dragons are always cool, and the battering ram is a bonus for anyone who enjoys a good siege scenario… maybe Grom with his completed army and Castle wall to boot! :wink:


Still not showing the components of figures. :~ grumble…


Those were available, just hidden away in the back corners.


Yow! Those are some VERY old models. I think I have remnants of the Cave Dragon and one of the young dragons - I think I got them around 1986 or so!!

If they are resurrecting some very old print/stock models, this might not be so bad after all. Worth the wait perhaps.


oh that fire elemental is in front of me on my painting desk ready to be stuck on my ziggurat lol wow those figures are old!!!:o

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I thought they were available in the UK online store until recently (i.e. when they pretty much closed down the whole bits section).



Still available here. Except the battering ram :~


Seems that its mainly the US site thats getting the shaft!

Kera foehunter:

IT time to revolt!!! the us site never had anything before and when i order a few things it was wronge

zorn sabretooth:

the old uk online store used to sell cd minis but they reshuffled the bits system


Old Mighty Empires markers. I really should buy some of them…