[Archive] Holy number of Hashut


Pi in decimal? A real engineer knows it in binary:


4 seems to be a popluar guess for it, especially with the old CD association with Khorne, whose number is 8.


well i guess it depends

if hes a khornate daemon prince its probably 8

if hes a face of tzeentch then its probably 9

if hes his own god i would consider 4 or 5

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Let be 4 Khorne will be pleased:hashut


Hmmm, Pie!

Oh wait, you said Pi… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think Pie is a better number for Hashut than Pi… It also means people can have whichever number they wish :smiley:

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Ok is there a point to this thread guys (and girl)? I’m looking at this is borderline spam. Please get on topic (if there is one, so far I can’t find one) or lock awaits…


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Willmark, the original topic was asking what the holy number of hashut was, but it has devolved (not entirely without my help). Locked.