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I remember seeing some fluff somewhere i think was official that said hashut gifted some CD’s with hooves or horns, ive only seen one conversion on the with hooves (which i love) and none with horns coming straight off the head, apart from one with a full bulls head which i think was made by torn, if there are more i’d like to see them, cheers :cheers


It’s a very rare mutation that does slip through the dwarf blood. But it’s very rare.


Personally I am going to give it to my Sorcerer’s and maybe some of my characters. To show that they are blessed by Hashut more than ordinary warriors yet still retaining their Dwarven appearance (i.e they aren’t half Bulls like the Bull Centaurs).


My Zhatan conversion has a left hoof rather than a foot (I always though the lord on the front cover was Zhatan and his left foot is out of view). It isn’t great though.


Hey cornixt can we have some pics?


Sure, I’m pretty sure I know where he is at the moment.��The hoof doesn’t look great but the model was the first one I painted that I was satisfied with.��The colour scheme leaves a little to be desired now though.

Edit: Found him, he is much worse painted than I thought, and the photo looks even worse than real life

caos dwrf:

i gave my priests of h hooves made of stone

they are easy to make… (thinking to self that would make a good toutorial)