[Archive] Horn's other stuff!


When I’m not sculpting bears into deformed humans, I like to fiddle with other abominations.

Currently, working on a few pre-Heresy 40k projects. Rather than backtrack, I’ll just post some current tidbits.

Here’s a combat squad for my Iron Hands:


They look awesome.

Are the torso’s fw upgrades?


Yeah, 4 of them are Deathguard resin from FW.

For a bit of context, here’s the rest of this army so far:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

These guys look awesome!

Love the replacement parts on doors and everything!

Just a quick question about the back packs…why to the side vents point upwards instead of down like on later models? Just “style” or is there some special reason?


Just style :slight_smile:

Since they are vents, I prefer them firing upwards.

I like to think that they were originally facing down because they were jump packs back in RT, with the current jump packs being jet packs.