[Archive] How about a female general?


Well you do not see a CD army often lead by a FEMALE chaos dwarf general.

Would any of you consider doing this or do you think the females don’t lead armies in the CD culture?

Personally I think it would be looking pretty cool if you have an allmale cd army with a female general and probably I’ll use a female commander when I start the work on my general ^.^ Though that still might take a while, hehe


Sounds good to me - ain’t nowhere I’ve seen that says CD women don’t kick ass. Now the question is, will she have a beard?


Ghehe I don’t really think so, I mean it is a woman after all.

But you never know! Maybe a real small one or a mustache :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

captain carrot:

Great idea. No I dont think she should have a beard maby tall hair instead of a big hat.


Several of my units are led by female Chaos Dwarfs, mostly because they’re easier to tell apart.


@captain carrot: well im not that good at big hats anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@wallacer: sweet ^.^ can you link a picture of 1 for inspirational purposes?

Pyro Stick:

It would be cool if someone designed a special character female general. If there are female generals i would think its probably a rare thing so the best way to include one is to make a one off special character. Could be a cool project for Anno.


Gotta agree with you on that one Pyro, would be nice ^.^


I dunno, I don’t see any good reason why female generals would be rare - although I agree a special character or similar would be cool.  Let’s face it, women in Warhammer tend to be either evil (witches/demons) or half-naked or both - exception being Brettonian sorceresses who are ‘pure,’ maidenly, and still with the cleavage - and rarely in positions of power (except for evil naked witch demons).  Granted, CDs are evil, but at least dwarfs tend to wear more clothes, yes?  

I think it would be awesome if CDs had a stronger female presence!  In fact I am going to write a letter to GW about it.

"Dear GW,

Please do something awesome and make Chaos Dwarfs a matriarchal society in both lore and miniature range.  

Signed, your friend,


Okay so that sounded really sarcastic but I do think that it would be awesome.


Why not!?!?!

IMO a female CD general would be rare but not impossible!

But I think a sorceress would be more “realistic” than a warrior, cause in the CD society the task of the females are at first the maintenance of their kin. So the wouldn´t get the hard and long training of the male warriors.

Sorcerers have another development … :hat

@ Khan!: I don´t think that female CDs have beards! But high ranked females may wear a kind of ritual beards
like the female Egyptian Pharaoh Hatschepsut! :wink:



Granted, CDs are evil, but at least dwarfs tend to wear more clothes, yes?
Considering what the women look like, I would bloody hope so :)

I would have a female general, but it would have to be an awesome mini.


I like it! More female dwarfs


Yes i think this would work well, but no beard for her or will just look like a cd with breasts


Ghehe the beard part would be a little off indeed. I’m gonna get a pencil and paper right away to be honest, just got a great idea ( if I can draw what is in my mind XDD )

Kera foehunter:

Well i think a Female would be the best General for any cd army

hands down !!

as most of you know from ex girl friends how far a woman will go if she was wronge by some one

or ex wifes this is why a woman would be a great general

as least a guy would give another man a break and feal sorry and buy him a beer after a fight !!but not a woman she will destroy you and will never forget !!

so that is why a female general would be cool

ot a admireal

Kera foehunter:

ooops omost forgot a bearded female dwarf lol

How would we put make up on it we have a beard!!

female war paint is part of are daily way to keep all you guys in line

it part of the whole mind control thingy


hehe kera

Why an admiral when you can make her commander of Hashut’s airforce? ^.^

Kera foehunter:

The problem of being a Fryboy comando is that the wind would mess up my hair and the falling a couple hundred feet to a splat is why


@wallacer: sweet ^.^ can you link a picture of 1 for inspirational purposes?



@wallacer: Thanks ^.^ was doing some sketches but didn’t quite get a good one yet, hope this helps