[Archive] how did the chaos dwarfs do at ETC

richard barby:

anyone seen how the chaos dwarf players did at etc im guessing they would of done better than average


Team Malta

Round 1 vs Netherlands - Ogres = 19/1 (Good matchup for Chaos Dwarfs)
Round 2 vs Italy - Chaos Dwarfs = 17/3 (I had a KDaai, he didn’t)
Round 3 vs Wales - Tomb Kings = 0/20 (KDaai killed off with Irresistible Banishment, unlucky dice rolls throughout the game ex Iron Daemon @ Necro Knights, I get 5 hits wounding on a 2+ with D3 wounds I cause only 2 wounds)
Round 4 vs Russia - Vampire Counts = 9/11 (Before the last magic phase of the game I was winning 13/7. He heals 5 wounds on the Crypt horrors so that I don’t get half points, and then spirit leeches my general who failed 2 3+ Ward Saves)
Round 5 vs Greece - Dark Elves = 10/10 (Discovered that the Deathshrieker cannot fire indirectly (?), so opponent hid everything behind a hill for 6 turns)
Round 6 vs England - Daemons = 4/16 (Not a good matchup due too many non Stompable re-rideractors, irresistible Speed of Light bubble turned a Bloodletter/Kdaai combat into a no contest)

Total = 59/61

richard barby:

i did see that you guys did really well for such a small number of players to choose from i read you where tied around 7/8th going in to the last round

how come the deathshrieker cant fire indirectly?


how come the deathshrieker cant fire indirectly?

richard barby
It does not fire like a stone thrower and there is no mention of indirect fire in the rules (which was something that I had not noticed before).


Gratz KramDatta, you made us proud. It seems you only needed that bit of luck on your side at those crucial moments.

how come the deathshrieker cant fire indirectly?

richard barby
simple, you have to place the token in the LoS of the WM and as KramDatta said, it doesnt have stone thrower’s indirect fire rules.


Team of Poland (Califlower- Chaos Dwarfs)

ChD - Ogres (Wales) 20-0

ChD - Dwarfs(Austria) 12-8

ChD - DE (United Nation) 20-0

ChD - VC (England) 11-9

ChD - Daemons (Germany) 18-2

Chd - DE (Greece) 11-9

total 91

The new record 116 for Mary�> ( Ogres).


Team Norway (don’t think he’s a member here?)

CD - Vampires (Spain) 20-0

CD - Dark Elf (Scotland) 17-3

CD - Warriors of Chaos (Ireland) 20-0

CD - Dwarfs (Greece) 9-11 (he got greedy and made one mistake, he would have won big if it wasn’t for this mistake according to himself)

CD - Dark Elf (Belarus) 18-2

CD - Ogres (United States)

Still waiting on his battlereport for his final battle, but so far it looks like he did realy good! =) I know Norway lost 74-86 vs US, and that two other Norwegian players lost 20-0. So i should think that CD did pretty good :wink:

richard barby:

you guys both did really well


Is there a web site or a blog for this ETC? Congrats to the participants!!


Final results per country:

Poland - 90

Ireland - 86

Norway - 83

Austria - 79

United Nations - 76

Singapore - 71

Australia - 63

Hungary - 62

Malta - 60

Latvia - 54

USA - 38

Italy - 28


Is this the final result for all CD players? The result for Norway isn’t right. It should be 91 i think :slight_smile: He had 84 after 5/6 games :wink:

Ben Curry:

I faced 2 CD armies over the weekend Australia and Italy. My Dark Elves beat them up pretty badly so I was happy to be getting those match ups.

I beat Sam from Team Oz by killing Destroyer, Hellcannon and him blowing up magma cannon. I only lost harpies.

Against Italy a turn 1 irresistible purple sun ended his game. Finished 19-1 as I was a bit reluctant to really push for the total victory as it could still go bad and it’s a team event after all…

My CD’s are being built at the moment and I’m a bit concerned they are not going to compete with the power books.


Typical you Ben, only concerned about how they compete :slight_smile:

I thought you had turned over a hobby leaf with this army?

richard barby:

where were you when we where rubbish :slight_smile: