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In answer to a question/supisition in another thread on the site I started going through emails I have saved from some buddies of mine and came across this, my first thoughts of turning to the glory of Hashut! :hashut

So how did you decide on Chaos Dwarfs?

For me it was March 2002 and I was looking for a diversion from my mammoth High Elf army, at the time I was finishing up some units for my Khorne Chaos Army.

Here are excerpts from the email discussing with a buddy of mine, my upcoming plans for a Chaos Dwarf Army:

Wednesday, March 6, 2002 6:35 PM

“Chaos Dwarves are starting to make a larger and larger blip on my radar screen! I know it will only be a matter of time before I succumb”.

Yeah I finally succumbed to Chaos Dwarfs. 5 years after this email!

“The Hobgoblins (strange as it may be) are the thing that is really drawing me to them”.

God only knows why that was/is.

“I plan on having a number of them (hobgoblins) in my army, bowmen as well as wolfriders”.

Hobbo wolfriders are still my fav. I remember seeing them in small shot in the old “Tale of Four Gamers” article which was really a blog��before there were blogs (it was in a run of White Dwarfs- around issues #218-224). Really the first time I considered Chaos Dwarfs.

".along with the sneaky gits"!

What the hell was I thinking? Obviously a noob to chaos dwarfs

“I really like their army list too its pretty well balanced, much more so than say Chaos. Of course thou it will be like the last book put out…”

Last Book out… hahahahahaha… what the hell was I thinking last out, how about never!

Kera foehunter:

Simple i heard about this site . Seen all the cool figures that you guys made from dwarfs and i was hooked .I still play the pirate dwarfs untill i get my bad boys done. So i say it was you guy that got me wanting to play chaos dwarfs.


i played them in 1994, i stopped for 11 years and starting playing warhammer and i always liked cd’s


I just liked the old 3rd ed CD figures too much not to start collecting them.

Ghrask Dragh:

The very first Warhammer (including 40k) boxed set I bought was a set of Chaos Dwarf Warriors, probably around 94. Always liked them and hated that there was so many orcs, goblins and hobgoblins in the army, I always wanted to see an army full of Chaos Dwarfs! was just a kid then really so didn’t do much more than try and paint models and buy white dwarfs. It wasn’t until very recently I made a paypal account (just to get some Avatars of War stuff) which led me towards eBay and the fact you could still get Chaos Dwarf models. I then started talking to Uzkul Werit at our local GW about them and decided to give them a try, I even managed to dig up 7 of the Chaos Dwarf warriors I bought back in 94 :slight_smile:

These sites have been a great source of info and encouragment to carry on my collection (thanks again Uzkul) and I have to say Chaos Dwarfs have been the best army I have collected to date.




Ive always liked the big hat Chaos Dwarfs. But Im a long time “regular” Dwarf player. I just kept putting it off until a revised book was released. It seemed the Chaos Dwarves would never get a new army book, and still feels that way… The big hats just became rarer & more expensive, so I just continued with regular Dwarves. After seeing many of the cool conversions posted by Xander & Grimstonefire, I was tempted to try my own. This forum finally pushed me over the edge. Im hooked.

I’ve always liked Dwarves. Whats cooler then regular Dwarves?

Meaner, EVIL DWARVES!!! :hat



I always liked them, but I was looking for a new challenge army building wise, saw this site and realised it was entirely possible to do an entire army of chaos dwarfs which weren’t just dwarf minis painted all evil-like.


I never really liked the CD�s. Honestly. I�ve been playing WH for ten years now, until I saw the video on “How-to-convert-your-BFSP-dwarf”. Then I told me: You can do that too. And it would be funny as hell!

So, here I am, 30 conv. CD so far, and a whole load of stuff to finish.


I never really liked the CD�s. Honestly. I�ve been playing WH for ten years now, until I saw the video on "How-to-convert-your-BFSP-dwarf". Then I told me: You can do that too. And it would be funny as hell!

I'm with you there. I loved teh 3rd edition CDs, but the tall hat episode completely turned me off from them. The first time I really saw a unit I liked was on the US mail order page. You could buy a unit of dwarfs with chaos warrior heads. Looking at my army blog that has inspired me more then anything else as to the look of my army, well that and Snotling and Pulper's minis!

Pyro Stick:

I think it was in 2004 when i saw the bazooka and mortars on ebay. I bought some of them and in an attempt to find the rules i bought the army books (for some reason). When i found out they werent in the army book and having now seen the whole range of the newer models i was hooked on them. At the time the models were fairly cheap so i quickly built up the army i have now.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I believe it was 2002? Or 2004? Anywho, I had heard of Chaos dwarfs, but I have no idea as to where. I think it was the dogs of war/regiments of renown lists that made me find out. Oddly, it was the big hats that first got me intrigued and how different they were in every sense of the word. Plus, they were DWARFS!


I haven’t yet actually choosen an army but since 2 years ago I have tried to. I have been playing Orkz in 40k since their 3rd edition codex was released.I got hooked on Orkz as my LGS owner was reading fluff from the newly released Orkz codex for the few people in his store at that time. At that time I was only playing Magic the Gathering but a few weeks later I had bought myself Codex:Orkz and was for the first time trying to build an army, reading fluff and looking at models.

I take pleasure in all phases of the hobby. I fine-tune the armylist for weeks before I decide this is my army with my personality imbued into it. It is very important for me that there are a multitude of choices and options available rulewise to make me compleasent with the army that I composes so that it is my army. I want to convert and create the models according to what I find interesting. I want the uniqueness that follows. I don’t care much for winning or not, playing itslef is a rewards and to achieve enthusiasm for that part of the hobby I want to have lots of variety of things I can do on in the game and have a menacing enlightenment whereas I for an example roll lots of dice from my Flash Gitz units and mow down whole units at a time.

Now with the new codex soon to be released for my beloved Orkz after the leaked rules have been circulating the internet I don’t feel all that enthusiastic about the future of my army of choice in 40k. From what the rules tells the army will become generic and bland with less character left. So I am on the brink of starting to play Fantasy instead even though I like Sci-fi much a lot.

There are so many choices in Warhammer Fantasy but Orc and Goblins doesn’t fancy me in Fantasy… I bought armybooks for Empire(Both latest and last book), Skaven, Dwarfs and I am seriously considering Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Empire’s artillery have caught my keen eye. Their artillery such as Helblaster Volley gun, great cannons, repeater handguns, handguns, pistoliers, hochland long rifles and engineers are mighty aluring as well as the customibility of their lords and heroes and the concept of having units with standards all over the battlefield.However their fluff reeks so much I want to completly dismiss it. While the new models are better looking I still find the general artistic design to not be according to my taste. I want more of late 18th century kind of feel.
  • I like Skaven fluff, the character of the army and rules highly appealing. Killing ones own units, leading from behind and being this industialize self back-stabbing culture. Having all these awesome radioactive driven machinery like warp-lightning cannon, warplock jezzails, warpfire throwers, rattling guns, globadiers and hordes of slaves and clanrats. However the models are dead ugly, specially the core skaven models which most of the army would consist of with their badly oversized extremities and lousy detail to be a big let down. I want to convert a lot of my army to make it personal and the first thing I would need to do is to remake everyone of the basic skavens and then continue to convert the units of choices I want to field just to make them my. An enormous project. I also want to field a skryre army because it appeals to me not because it wins. But people would hate me for it.
  • Regular Dwarfs’ models are cute and the emphasis of engineering is exciting as well as the potential for customizing my artillery through runes and that concept. But the I don’t find their artillery to be very interesting comparetively. I have very little knowledge about the fluff of the army and it feels like I can not convert my models to the extent I would wish. I would end up with a standard army only personalize through my painting
  • Dawi-Zharr have an awesome fluff and like Skaven skryre but even more so the industrialization gives the character of Dawi-Zharr a lot of appeal to me. While relative few rules and armoury choices the Dawi-Zharr have very unique rules.It isn’t only the artillery such as Earthshaker, blunderbussiers and Bolt throwers(after witnessing [[User:Snotling]]'s harpoon models) that makes me exciting. Greenskin skaves are a very cool concept. I didn’t really like that when I first was looking into chaos dwarfs but they have grown on me. Perhaps it is my subconscious who want to punish them 40k Orkz rules for turning their back on me. Bull-centaurs are awesome too and how cool is it not to have dwarfs that molds magic and forges deamons into their weaponry. It’s rad if you ask me!But they have too little customizability even though. Armies ends up with little variety in the end and I would have to convert a whole lot more than I would have the discipline to.

Like Skaven Chaos Dwarfs is an almost perfect army in my opinion.
  • A little bit better on the modelling side with cute evil Dwarfs which have better detailed models than skaven to begin with.
  • People wouldn’t hate me for playing like I wish to play as I would have much less artillery in a Chaos Dwarf army on par with the norm.
  • Chaos Dwarf does not have the amount of variety the Skaven rules allow for and no characterfull special rules.
  • Fluff-wise both Chaos Dwarfs and Skaven are equally appealing.

I am frankly at a loss of what to do…


I found them by mistake when I was looking for regular dwarfs back when they were still available in the online store.

For a long time I couldnt find anything about their background, rules, or why they had disapeared.

But they are evil assyrian dwarfs. Thats more than enough to love them.

Uzkul Werit:

I showed an interest in them when I was starting in 2001. I like the models but upon being told they weren’t being supported anymore, I lost interest. Along came SOC and Dwarfs were getting dull. Not wanting to get stuck on the good side I jumped ship and never looked bavk.


I am frankly at a loss of what to do...

Can't imagine what we'll recommend here! :rolleyes: :D

Uzkul Werit:

Go for whatever you like the most. If you’re not too big on converting, then you may want to shy away from Dawi Zharr. Unless you have loads of the plastics somewhere.

Kera foehunter:

i say not the nasty skavens. i hats all types of rodents

Pyro Stick:

i say not the nasty skavens. i hats all types of rodents

Kera foehunter
You dont have Chichillas? You just cant. I have four ^_^. i dont know if they are rodents but loads of people think they look like them. I think they are more related to rabbits actually....

@lordmetroid: Collect Chaos Dwarfs now and Skaven later if they are awesome when they are re released.

Kera foehunter:

Well sweety if you get alot of them you can make me a coat pyro.I where them in honor.

Rats and mice just creep me out!!!

Pyro Stick:

Well sweety if you get alot of them you can make me a coat pyro.

Kera foehunter
...............................................................i would never do that. its too mean when they are such smart animals. And they live for about 20 years so they are such to have loads of babies. I allready have a mum, dad, and twin babies.