[Archive] How do i paint lava/ make it glow on my figures?


Hey. Ive seen some pretty nice CD’s with Lava on there base’s, yet i could never figure out how to paint it, let alone make it glow…

I have almost every paint color, can anyone please shine some of Hashut’s light on this?

-Please include required colors

-Step-by-step instructions

Thanks for your time!

Ghrask Dragh:

Well, for the lava, I would paint from blood red to orange, yellow and maybe even a highlight of white to make it look really hot! If you use blood red as a starting point it will make the lava look hot enough to justify some glowing effect around it, you could start with something like red gore otherwise and then paint ontop blood red etc

For the glowing effect then you have to be careful where on the mini you put, it should be the underneath of most of the details and just some spreading over other ares around those details. First of all…

*Drybrush the selected areas wth red gore (always red gore, any other lighter red would be too bright, remember this is only a reflection and should’t be anywhere near as bright as the lava itself)

*Then with even less paint on the brush drybrush a smaller srea within the red gore with a mix if red gore/blood red

*Then the final step would be a mix of red gore/blood red/orange (remembering to keep it as dark as possible) and again lightly drybrush the areas already done.

Not a great pic I know, I also added some bubbles with green stuff the make it look extra hot :smiley: