[Archive] How do you picture Hashut?


Take of the Khorne symbols, and add some monstrous wings, and I picture him something like this:

Sort of like an Avatar of Hashut, or Greater Daemon if you will.

What do you picture him like? :hashut

Hashut’s Blessing:

Pretty much the same, but covered in a shadow and being wreathed in flames (that do not illuminate the darkness around him, because he is the Father of Darkness…)


i do not see as humanoid at all…

a firey bull wreathed in shadow…


No beard?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I don’t see him with a beard, but I think that’s partly because I’ve always assumed that the CD had beards because they are Dwarfs, not because they are copying their god.


I picture him more like this


But surrounded by swirling shadows. :hashut

As an off topic discussion, I guess he could appear to different DZ in different forms…?��But with a particular reason for each shape.

Lord Zarkov:

Hmm that sounds good

ALthough without the chains,a nd prehaps moving the horn’s to look more bullish


well i like the chains… ties back in with the Daemon prince fluff…

and imprisoned daemon… perhaps this is where the Chaos dwarfs learned the art of Daemon binding…

form a daemon that “lived” through it…


My Hashut:

He is a tall, skinny but musclous deamon, with a humanlike body and the head of a bull. he is not wearin an armor and has no material wings, they are tansparent shadows of wings. his black skin is full of rune tattoos and stands allways in fire, the flames creep out of his skin and back, like maggots with the servants of nurgle.

yep, that’s it ^^

praise :hashut


I’ve got to agreewith Xander, I always pictured Hashut as looking somewhat like the Doombull. That’s why my GT is a converted Doombull model.


I either picture him as an actual Bull, like the Great Taurus, possibly with wings, but certainly surrounded by shadow and flame (in the same way as the LotR Balrog I’d say). Although this puts him in quite a bestial light, I always thought of the Great Taurii as Greater Daemons of Hashut anyway, and so would be modelled upon him.

Alternatively, I can also see him as being slightly more humanoid, keeping the general bull figure, but with humanoid arms and hands, standing upright. The only problem here I have is that he seems to me to be a bit too like the Bloodthirster (and therefore too much like Khorne?)


For some odd reason I always pictured Hashut as female.

I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because it sounds like Hatshepsut (one of the few female Pharaohs).

This is what happens when you can’t afford to buy the army book for CDs on eBay :rolleyes:

Uzkul Werit:

I see him with no definite form but as an evershifting fire to illistrate the Dawi Zharr’s obbession with relentless progress. However when appearing to his minions I’d say he inhabits the giant, metal avatars of Hashut that lie in the Temples. With the whole demon possession thing.


I’m unoriginal!


I think the Balrog certainly does resemble what Hashut might look like. Certainly a Father of Darkness, but also of Fire and Slavery. That whip is killer.

Especially if the Dwarfs did indeed find Hashut underground “in the deep places of the world.” :stuck_out_tongue:

The Flying Beaver:

In the Liber Chaotica there was a description of a bull-like daemon prince which could very well have been Hashut. See for yourself (emphasis mine):

Behind him followed eight creatures each with faces that looked in every direction. I peered upon them and knew them to be the eight princes of blood, and their names were Bharoea, Falhlyytar, Kwenterraril, N’Nerthryl, Irshordyr, Yiotderss, Daccq’tlao and Gzardentane…

And the Lord of Blood did stand before the second creature, which was a bull of fire and flowing metal, which had four legs and four legs more and had a gaze of fire that scorched whatever its gaze fell upon. And this second creature did bow before his master. And the Lord of Blood did raise his sword and strike the head of this second creature from its body.

And as the blade cleaved through its neck there blossomed a pillar of fire that reached up high above the world and then dove down to bore into its heart. Upon which each hill and mountain of the world was consumed in its flame which shattered their peaks and threw them high into the air to fall upon the peoples fleeing from their hidden homes. Thus none could hide from the final wrath.


I think he looks like a huge bloodthirster, only black and sort of transparent. Something like the bloodthirster from Forge World.


From what I’ve read (and I’m far from expert on the subject), Hashut has always seemed pretty much like the Balrog, although perhaps slightly more bullish. If you look at the fluff for him being bound underground it is pretty clear where the idea came from.

Anyway, why ask when we have a perfectly good representation of our dark father right here -->:hashut<–?:stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hashut definitely is bull-shaped in my imagination. I see him as a huge, massive bull made of molten metal. Wings are not necessary, but optional :wink:


like some other people i can sum it up in one word, Balrog.

in particular i always thought that some of the Blarog discriptions in the silmarillion sounded very Hashut-ish