[Archive] how long have you been playing

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

as said by KoA in another thread how long have you been playing WH for i’ve been playing for a good old age of 7 years :slight_smile:


Something like 19 years now…


for never. but i painted my first model ever for Xander for Valentine’s day of last year. i might try to learn one day, but who knows shrugs

so wait, you’ve been playing since you were 6 godbob!? holy. o_o

Knight Of Awsome:

How nice of you to make this thread for me:cheers!

I have sortive been in the hobby for 7-8 years but only two of them count…


I’m pretty bad with dates and times, but I am going to say about 15 or 16 years now.

zorn sabretooth:

same as godbob my first model was an ork biker


I have been painting since 5th edition (i remember buying the sixth edition started set with my bro back in 2000) i have been painting (very cr*py, but still painting) since about 5 ish my brother brought home some chaos for me to paint with him, he was like 14 or so. But I have been playing since 2000 so umm… 8 years me thinks, I bought the 6th edition started the ors vs empire one like right as it came out, so when ever that was :slight_smile:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

so wait, you've been playing since you were 6 godbob!? holy. o_o

yes that's right a "wee lad i was"


Lets see 1989… carry the one, subtract the 4 errr. 19 years?


for about half my life so 8 years about the same time i started playing D&D


don’t know, it was in the 6th edition before the beast of chaos came

Pyro Stick:

4 years. And theres already one of these threads:


Kera foehunter:

since 2005 where i got my first dwarf slayers…

then i got long drong slayer pirate!!! whoo hoo now that 's some cool dwarfs…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Pyro is correct. Please check for threads before creating new ones. For those that wish to know, since the Christmas of 1999, if I remember rightly. Might have been the Christmas of 2000. Willmark, you’ve been playing since I was born!

Thread shall be closed. Any people wishing to post, please do so in the other thread, Pyro has linked it.