[Archive] How low can you go? (GW share price)


GW Share price closed today at £1.30, which means they are getting close to hitting the ultimate low in 2001 (I think was around 90p).

How much lower do you think they will get? I don’t see them staying much above £1/share by the end of the year.

The credit crunch added to their bad strategy means they will probably hover around £1-£2.50 for the forseable future IMO.


At this price a hostile takeover would be easy. Or better yet with a price that low why even have stock? Return to a privately held company would be a better move.


Privately held means one person is the owner? I know Jack Kirby has about 60% of the stock so he still has the final say in things right?

Who would want to take over GW? They are the biggest player in the miniature world as far as I know, who has the resources to do it besides a company from the outside. A toycompany perhaps? A few years back there was the Mattel (or Hasbro, forgot which one) rumour.

Sorry, just thinking aloud…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i don’t know what the hell your on about shares? £1.30 i mean is this how complercated the world is


I’m not sure who would actually want to take them over.

They’re a pretty niche sort of company.  It’s not as if they could easily be assimilated into another company.

I suppose somebody could fire all their staff, close all their stores, then just pump out plastic miniatures with a dumbed down ruleset and sell them to kids in independent toy shops.


Hasbro, or rather, Wizards of the Cost. Magic cards in every GW outlet! lol


... Wizards of the Cost

I don't know if that was intentional but that's funny either way! :D

Viskar Zhragoth:

Ok, first, It is Tom Kirby (Jack Kirby was an original artist for Marvel).

He only owns about 7% of the company according to the director statements.

Several large investment groups own more----ie Nomad investement partnership owns 23+%. The investment and institutional investors (like pension fund groups) probably own more than 50%. Of course, if given the option of a buyout, they could vote for it, and then GW would probably disappear. the worry being that a computer company (like EA or THQ,) would buy them cheap and avoid some of the licensing fees they currently pay.

And the stock almost always gets lower in late summer (maybe because they don’t have Xmas numbers?). I am not saying that it isn’t bad right now (and they are hurting), but even in great years (back in the late 90’s) the stock always went south in July and August…(seemingly to me) and it is a good time to buy the stock - usually.

I’d hate to see someone like Hasbro buy them out…it would basically ruin the company and wouldn’t help with prices as they’s proabbly raise them to pay off the purchase price (ie player’s handbooks jumped 5-10 within 2 years of Hasbro buying Wizards of the cost (I liked that one Xander).


Ah yes indeed, Tom it is. My other hobby got in the way! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the insight. I guess things have changed a lot since we got some insight in the management structure a couple of years back.