[Archive] How many army do you have

Kera foehunter:

How many warhammer army do you have and play.

i play dwarfs and now starting a Chaos Dwarf army.


Ooo, er, being married to someone who also plays it is hard to say who owns what.

I have CD, Savage Orcs, Goblins, general O&G, undead Goblins (I have only used Tomb King rules for them so far). My CDs can also be used as normal dwarfs since I have converted up the additional models needed.

My wife painted DE and WE armies but I’ve played with them a bit more than her.


When I start a new army I have a mass exodus of all my old stuff (wife makes me get rid of them) so just CDs and Eldar for 40K (and the tyranids that my wife doesn’t know about!!)


I have Chaos Dwarf,Wood elf,tzeentch and half a vampire counts armies(shared with others) for 40k i have an Eldar army unfortunately all forces are going through painting and radical re-design:hat.


good question. let’s see, I have…


normal Dwarfs




Tomb Kings



Ogres (unpainted)

Orcs & Goblins

And I have other armies for 40k, WAB, Epic, BFG etc.


Only Empire and Dark Elves, soon Chaos Dwarves. :slight_smile:


Hm, here we go:

Chaos Dwarfs, Dwarfs, Ogres, Dark Elves, Slaaneshi Beastmen, Slaaneshi Mortals, Undivided Daemon Legion, Tzeentch Mortals, countless Necromunda/Mordheim gangs/warbands, several 40k armies… I think that’s it :mask

Not including the ridiculous amount of miscellaneous stuff that I have that needs to be disposed of in some kind of money-recouping fashion :~


Armies I have:

Dark Elves

Wood Elves

High Elves (primary army… until now) about 10,000 pointw worth! Maybe another 2-3000 unpainted.




Space Marines


Lizardman army

the starts of a chaos dwarf army

alot of random figures

Pyro Stick:

Wood Elves

Tomb Kings

Chaos Dwarfs


Night Goblins




Minas Tirith guys

Starting a Man o War fleet

Loads of random models from other armies that i think are awesome.

Kera foehunter:

i also have a few bull ogres from my last boy friend.Hum what to do with them.


1.Bretonians (x2 one of 1,500pts another 5th edition, not sure what points that counts as now but about 3,000)
2.Woodelves (5,000pts)
4.Dark Elves(1,500pts)
7.High Elves(2,000pts)
11.Hordes of Chaos - this is my main army so it subdivides quite a bit. In total I can field legal 20,000pts which splits into legal armies of mortals and daemons of
Undivided - 3,000pts
Khorne - 3,000pts
Slaanesh - 3,000pts
Nurgle - 3,000pts
Tzeentch - 4,000pts
12.Beasts of Chaos - 3,500pts
13.Chaos Dwarfs - 3,000pts of models, about just under 2,000pts worth are modelled and painted
(I possess more models than these points values covers but this is what I can field in a legal and fairly balanced way)

Lest you think I have forgotten 40K I have Sain-Heim Eldar, Imperial Fists, Tau and Word Bearers, I also play Mordheim and Inquisitor
EDIT: I am also about to start an army of Fimir…

Pyro Stick:

I am also about to start an army of Fimir...

I have seen loads of fimir on ebay at the moment.

That is a lot of armies. How long have you been collecting?

Uzkul Werit:

I have been playing for six years and my armies are the following:

Chaos Dwarfs (3000pts)

Hobbits (1000pts)

Haradrim (700pts)

The Hobbits are techincally only 700pts at the moment, with the last 300pts mainly being taken up by Aragorn. They’ll be getting some new stuff come Xmas. The Chaos Dwarfs are getting a slight remake come my next paycheck, with a unit of Warriors replacing the Great Taurus.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Phew, let me see if I can remember it all… :slight_smile:

WH fantasy:

vampire counts ~1500p

ogre kingdoms ~1500p

chaos dwarfs ~800p *WIP :hat

some units collected, but never played: silvania vampires, dwarfs, kemmler’s army of the cairns,

finished and sold: 4th ed. undead ~2800p, beastmen ~1500p, chaos marauders ~1200p


- space marines ‘steel templar’ ~4000p

- space marines ‘lightbringers’ ~2500p *WIP

- death korps of krieg ~400p *WIP

- emperor’s children ~2200p

- demon hunters ~1500p

- eldar ~1700p

some units collected, but never played: dark eldar, necrons (new), tau

finished and sold: tyranids ~3000p, necrons (old) ~900p, chaos marines ~3500p

Epic / Titan legions:

about 12.000 points of chaos and imperial traitors, back in 1994 ^^


well… i have my chaos dwarfs… and i can make up about 1k of O&G…

theres a vampire count army here somewhere… but its not mine…


I am also about to start an army of Fimir...

I have seen loads of fimir on ebay at the moment.

That is a lot of armies. How long have you been collecting?

Pyro Stick
Yeah I've been looking at those, but I'm doing my own conversions, which are about 70% GS but with some lizard, beast & kroot bits. At the moment they're only at the concept stage, and a few will probablly end up as chaos spawn. I've been playing for well over a decade, but I can't remember exactly when I started.

I completely forgot LotR because I just paint rather than game, but I have 2nd and 3rd age elves, goblins, uruk-hai men of the West and a vast selection of heroes. I also have some Ogres for WFB but not a legal army so they got left off as well. With the addition of a bruiser and a butcher I could russel up 1,000pts at a push, If I used my chaos ogres as ironguts and maxed out on wargear and magic items


I have Dwarf army… About 5,000 points.

At one time I had a Chaos army and a High Elf army, got rid of them though. Most of the time if I want to play another army I can just borrow it from someone.


up until recently, i played dark elves, cult of ulric, , beastmen, and mortals. not really mortals, it was a 1000 point army of 3 models:o

(chaos lord tzeentch, chaos hero tzeentch, both mounted in tzeentch chariots with another chariot for good measure)

had to sell it all off when i totaled my car cause i needed cash. now im slowly trading through good deals to get the models i need for my chaos dwarfs. the whole 2250 army may cost me less than $200.


AGPO wow and I thought I had big armies.