[Archive] How many bull centaurs?


What is a good number for a unit of bull centaurs and why?


6 is good…
i use 10 because i have that many models… and its a rank…
but its never a rank by the time it gets to combat…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’d say take a minimum of five for the first few games and upgrade to 10 as soon as possible. I would think they will attract quite a lot of fire / magic etc during their movement towards the enemy.


Depending on your build i would say 10 models… Personally depending on your opponent you should consider 2 units of 5 or 6 if you dont run the Shaker.

Thommy H:

Yeah, you need quite a few. As imposing as they look (and as nasty as they are when they do get into combat) they’re really fragile. With one wound and a maximum armour save of 4+, you will lose models quickly. If you only have 5, they’re going to be taking Panic tests really soon and while their Ld is high, it only takes one bad roll before at least 100 points of your army is running in the wrong direction.

If they weren’t so expensive on ebay I’d have many more of them…


Seconded. We haven’t found a good conversion yet…

I’d think a pony would make a good base- don’t you look at the horse ones and think ‘the horse body is too big’?

Uzkul Werit:

Ideally, none. That’s right. A second Earthshaker is cheaper and a better use of the second Rare choice. Wolfboyz are quicker and (in my experience) die less quickly. However I would recommend a Bull Centaur Hero. Hide him in any infantry unit or Wolfboys and spring him out of units upon weak targets for easy VPs. A little like an Ogre Turant with Longstrider.