[Archive] how many italians in this forum?

Alan the evil:

Some days ago Bassman mailed me, intoducing himself like another italian…

I was wondering how many italians are active in this forum: maybe we could work for open an italian chaos dwarfs forum too!!


Just noticed today! I do not think there are so many Italians around! :hat


Ciao, ragazzi!

Here’s another one! BUT I’m just brazilian, with a LOT of italian relatives…:hat off

Alan the evil:


Entao bem vindo meu amigo…

It’s good even half-ling!! I’m italian but I have a lots of friend-kins in Bahia!:wink:


Yo guys! Here’s another one! I’m from Milan, but I’v been living outside the country during the last 3 years!

Alan the evil:

Altro milanese!! Bella skink!!

I must move to milan to share my CD passion!!

But you also have skinks passion too?? they are my second favorite army!


Ciao Alan, tu di dove 6 invece?

I have been playing WHfantasy since 2000, and collected over 10.000 points of Lizzies. Need to say that I’m a fanatic of reptiles and Central American cultures… So you can imagine my reaction (drooling out of control) in front of a Lizzie army 9 years ago.

I was looking for a modeling challenge and a new subject to work on, and I saw this site! Chech out my blog in the showcase section and tell me what do ya think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alan the evil:

I’m from Toscana.

I see your armyblog and I liked your works very much. :hat off

Why don’t you post even your amylist in tactic section for discussing about strategies in italian metagame?

Or maybe when you say “living outside” you mean “moved from italy?”

(however skinks rock!!)


Yepp, I don’t live anymore in Italy, and I haven’t yet came up with a Dawi Zharr armylist. I’m more interested in the modeling/painting side of this hobby. However, in the future, with a complete army, I’ll hit a battlefield with dark iron boots and black curly beards :hashut:hashut:hashu