[Archive] How many sites do you belong to

Kera foehunter:

How many site do you belong to. ( warhammer type)

and do you post there.



Here, and Border Town, and yes I post!

Pyro Stick:

I belong to CDO, Bartertown, Warhammer Forum, HoH and i think i belong to Wood Elf, Necron and O&G forums but i forgot about them and never posted. The warhammer forum is full of terrible members so i try stay away from there. I post on bartertown all the time. I love the bargains you get there (Archaon on Foot NIB for £5!!!). Used to post on HoH frequently until it died and obviously i post here frequently.

Thommy H:

Just here and Warseer. I only post there in spurts - I hang around for a while, arguing with WAAC gamers until it goes too far and I borderline flame someone, at which point I disappear for a while out of fear of retribution :slight_smile:


here, my clubs’ forums, and border princes, which is a polish warhammer one.

Ghrask Dragh:

I was thinking about this sort of thing the other day, should I just blog my army here or go elsewhere and promote Chaos Dwarfs around some other forums. My army isn’t how Chaos Dwarfs are typically seen so I decided to keep it here.

I post on HoH when I can, the Warhammer Forum (the good, the bad and the ugly over there) I’m registered on the Ogre Stronghold but don’t post much same as Warseer. Also registered on Bugmans Brewery, watch this space :wink:

All under the username Ghrask Dragh

(and for all the non-warhammer players I’m on the Avatars of War forum

Pyro Stick:

(and for all the non-warhammer players I'm on the Avatars of War forum

Ghrask Dragh
Totally forgot about AoW. Cant wait for the Arena Deathmatch rulebook! And i really want to order a thunderlord but it wont be available for another few weeks/months.


only this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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CDO and Asrai.org. haven’t been to Asrai much recently. but then again, my free time has been limited so whatever time I have I spend here :wink:


Its pretty much just CDO for me. I lurk on Dakka Dakka and Pyramid Vault, but really haven’t become a part of the community there.


I´m a regular poster on all the forums belonging to the Chaos Star (Chamber of the Everchosen, The Daemonic Legion, The Herdstone & ofcourse this place).

I also post on some other non-race specific forums such as Warseer, Dicetroll & on a Swedish warhammer forum.

Kera foehunter:

i belong to 3

SLAYER BROTHERHOOD well they did change there name when i joined .i post there but not many people left

HOH which there not much action

ands last but not least the best site out there Chaos dwarf on line


I frequent here, the ogrestronghoold and warseer.


Only one! All other sites are heresy! HERESY I TELL YOU!!!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

CDO and the German “Forenplanet” where I am a mod for some 6 years now. The Forenplanet hosts the Sphaerentor forum, that’s the guys who made the “Damnatus” fan movie which unfortunately was never released to the public due to some petty legal disputes. I was also at HoH but since that forum is esentially all but dead I don’t go there anymore.

I could not imagine being on a lot more forums than that. My precious little spare time just wouldn’t allow it. Being on two great forums is a lot better than being on 10 bad ones anyway. :wink:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’m part of CDO a new member to da warpath tryed to get on to druchii.net but i can’t (damn e-mail) so i hang about there instead also the odd vist to the pyramid valut


Uthulan.net in it’s various incarnations. I still post there occasionally.

I’m on warseer, HoH and Bartertown from time to time.

For D&D I frequent my own site darkshadowgames.com and dragonsfoot.org.

Obviously I really only post one place primarily these days… CDO!

Hashut’s Blessing:

CDO, asur.org.uk, The Grand Alliance, HoH, Da Warpath and I believe one or two of the Chaos Star.

I only post on here and sometimes HoH. tGA died out…

Kera foehunter:

that kinda cool that we all come from diffrent site .

To hang out here

zorn sabretooth:

hoe and cn and os

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