[Archive] How Many Special Characters?


Most books released these days only include a few of the named special characters from history.  The others may be mentionned (condensed fluff only), or may not (referred to online instead based on previous editions of the books).

Do you think they will do the same thing here?  I.e. Include Astrogoth and Zhatan, Gorduz (depending on your view on hobgoblins) or another third.

But will they leave it at 3?  Given as how they will be rewriting us pretty much from scratch, ideally they would include fluff for at least 4 more characters.  They could do them as ‘this character was successful because…’ and a short history lesson?

If they only give us 3, and no decent fluff for any more it will be a real shame.

If we’re in HoC we’ll be lucky to get rules for more than one special character, let alone fluff.

Will they even include Special Characters we know something about?  They could consign all the current ones to ‘historic characters’ and make up completely new ones?


I think they’d at least include Astrogoth, hes fairly iconic of chaos dwarfs.


im not really a special character player, so i couldnt care less (in fact i wish they were removed from the whole game)

i think if they were to include us in HoC we would possibly get a combat hero, i cant see them giving us astrogoth unless we got our own list.


Astragoth is the only one that really needs to be redone since he represents CDs so well. Zhatan and Gorduz are pretty generic though so it might be best to do a couple of new ones.


The big IF…

Yes, IF they release a rulebook for CD anytime soon, I am sure that they will put in the time and care enough to create a deep history, including throwing around names of special characters, some who will and others who won’t have rules attached!

In the meantime, we could always venture to help them along, create character names and story-lines they cannot resist :wink:


If we get our own book there should be at least 3 there, hopefully the 3 old favourites (possibly without Gorduz depending on what they do with Hobgoblins). There may be more. A Bull Centaur special character would be nice.

If we’re in the HoC book then presumably there won’t be any Hobgoblins, let alone Hobgoblin special characters.

If we’re lucky we might get one special character (probably Astragoth), although I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Mind you, i’m not really a big fan of Special characters so I won’t be losing much sleep over them.


Astragoth must come back. Its the only real character we have. It would be unfair to just create new ones form the ashes since CD fluff has not been used in years.


okay all 7th ed books so far have had at least 6

so most likely if we get a book in 7th there will be six special charecters

Pyro Stick:

Special Characters give an army book depth so they will have to include Astragoth, Zhathan, Rykarth, a Bull Centaur Special Character and a Hobgoblin Special Character, possibly Gorduz in a boxed set that allows for a footed and mounted option (on a wolf). I dont really use special characters but i like to buy them as they are usually awesome models and they present a fun challengs to paint. Hopefully GW will include at least those 5. Maybe they will feel bad about neglecting us and they will include more, maybe an Immortal Special Character or maybe the Great Taurus will only be available with a new Special Character.

Kera foehunter:

i bet there only give us Astragoth .Let hope You Know G W


Astragoth and Ryykarth are a given if we get a new book. That being said its a mighty big if!


Astragoth was as far as I know the only special character ever released model wise! so they may just release his old model they don’t want to put to much effort in!

just a quick aside I like special characters they add more history to an army. plus as mentioned before these are normally the best models!:hat off