[Archive] How many warmachines? Variety of firing method?


I am curious what people think of what would be the best range of warmachines to have.

If you were to re-design the Chaos Dwarfs list completely from scratch:

1.  How many war machines would you have?  That�?Ts actual war machines, not equivalent things like rocketeer units.

2.  Where would you put them in the list?  Any in Core?  Any in Rare?

3.  What would be the best balance in terms of how they fire?  Your choices are�?�  �?~Cannon�?T, �?~Stone Thrower�?T, �?~Bolt Thrower�?T, Other, and I guess I better include a �?~Chariot�?T as well.   Ignore all the special rules, I�?Tm talking about the basic rules applied to how you guess range and work out damage.

For me;

I am coming down on the side of 4 warmachines.  


1 Stone Thrower equivalent (Smoke Mortar)


1 Cannon equivalent (Earthshaker)


1 Stone Thrower equivalent (Bombard/ Hellcannon)

1 Other (Soul Reaper, fires similar to a Banshee)

If you compare this to Dwarfs, they have both more variety and more options. They cover all the bases really (except chariot)


1 Cannon

1 Stone Thrower

1 Bolt Thrower


3 Others (Gyrocopter, Organ Gun and Flame Cannon)

So should the CD lose out on variety, but make up for it in damage?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

just more cannons don’t care what they are but just cannon:idea


I’d sa…6ish,

no cannon type - to conventional, though maybe mount a smal one on the collosus

stone thrower - one, earthshaker, it’s the perfect firing type, steal a rule from brettonia (locked in place, but s5(10) rather than 4(8)) and the earthquake rule

other - 2 - death rocket make it more like a modern rocket, something that zips strait at the foe and goes boom, maybe in a barage type thing, and soul reaper cannon thingy, using your banshee idea

chariot - 2 - whirlwind and tenderizer

Arakagaan Calasson:

What about a genuine chariot? I was thinking a bull-pulled war wagon, like a pimped steel version of the ones the real sumerian/babylonains used. Possibly with a mounted rocket.

What are whirlwinds and tenderizers? I never saw any older versions of the CD list.


Esentialy the chariot you just described, they where big meaty chopy things pushed along by boar centaurs


A horless-chariot powered by a daemon engine is the way forward for chariots…