[Archive] How many would actually buy Immortal casts? NOW WITH PICTURES!


Hi everyone. I’m currently sculpting some immortals from scratch, and I think they look pretty good. I’m hoping to get some casting materials by christmas, so that I can make some casts to sell them. The sculpts aren’t all finished yat, but I hope to finish them and take pictures next weekend. What I’d like to know is who would actually buy these models?

Thay look a bit like the hero on my avatar as far as pose goes. They have full scale male, but no hats, as that would hinder the champion from holding his weapon above his head. There will be 3 variants.

One with mask looking like this one :mask and a hood covering the back head.

One with a bare head. This will be bald.

One with a mask similar to the globadiers from 300 (2 eyed helm and chainmail covering the face.

The models will be 2-piece resin models, which will come in packs of 3 with 3 bodies and 3 weapons.

The first weapon is a hammer with a modified rune of hashut (copyright issues)

The second is a mace with spikes coming out of daemonic mouths.

The last one is an axe that looks similar to the 40k khorne lord.

The price will probably be around �4 for 3 casts. These will come without bases

The models are really broard, so thay are kind of hard to rank up, but with a bit of puzzling. Otherwise you can put them on 25mm bases.

I will probably make a command pack with one champion model, one standard piece and one drum, but I’ll only make these if there are people to buy them.

So who would be interested?


- Kyte

Pyro Stick:

Post some pics first, then ill decide.

Kera foehunter:

i would be !!!let see what you can do.


ill sell some in my shop if that helps .

Lord Archaon:

I would buy them (if they’ll be pretty and evil :)), but i need some picks to decide.


for that price you cant go wrong, that makes a unit of 15 for �20, which is just as good as GW plastics.


i would have to see first,

tbh im a hat player so i dont think i will, chaos dwarfs should have hats!!


Any concept drawings/sketches? That might help people decide. Myself included.

Kera foehunter:

What would it cost to ship them to the U S.


I would love to see models and if good I will happily take some…

PM me…



I would be interested in a unit of 25. Thats one command group and 22 sloggers.



Hashut’s Blessing:

gIL^, you could always make hats.

Kyte, without pictures, many people won’t buy them just yet. Hurry up with the pics because it seems loads of us have had our interests piqued!

Spikes Harvey Wotan:

I might be interested in buying some. I could use them has black orks.


Here, me!

I would be interested in about 20 of them.


I will post pics of the first 2 models tomorrow night. Stay tuned.


- Kyte

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I look forward to it! Maybe, if your sculpts turn out really cool I won’t have to bother about starting up that project at all! :wink:


Here are the pics that I promised:

This is what I have done so far:

2 regular troopers and 2 weapons.

I will do the last trooper and the Champion soon.

Tell me now. What would be the cooler? A champion holding the weapon above his head, or A champion holding the weapon in one hand in a relaxed pose with the other hand pointing at the enemy?

Should I give him horns? Should his face be burned? Should he wear any headgear? A hat? A hood?

Ideas for the banner?

Should the musician have drum or horn?

Give me all the ideas you have? I Need as much inspiration I can get.


- Kyte


Well, i would have him leaning on his gw, with his helmet under his arm. I would have him deformed and burned, with a cape draped over one shoulder

I would have a horn for the musican, and a banner a bit like the one my BC has

This is just my opinion, its upto you!


They look very good, how well would they rank up?


They look very good, how well would they rank up?

On 20mm bases, they rank up okay, if you place them specifically on the bases, One stands forward the base, and the next stand a bit back, then one stands forward, etc., or you can put them diagonally.

If you intend to use them as black orcs, they will be on 25mm bases, which is perfect.


- Kyte