[Archive] how much better are choas dwarfs in 8th

richard barby:

how good are choas dwarfs in 8th both indy list and ravening hordes list?

i think the rules help them out really well

i generally use the indy list and i have found it works much better i find some races are hard but against choas dwarfs there bunnys now vamps are a prime case in 7th it was always hard to beat vamps but with choas dwarfs but now i have plaied 3 games at 2400 points and won them all. in one i killed the vamp lord on turn 2

skaven can be a pain in the ass. but can be kncoked over still have to get past all the cheep heros and toys

i find empier hard to beat there cannons are a pain working much better now

all togerther i think they have gone from ranked around 12/13 out of 17 (races) in 7th to 7/8 in 8th ed


RH CDs are very good now (I haven’t used the Indy list). The steadfast rule allows Hobgoblins to be a ridiculously good tarpit, and the new magic lores are so much better than they used to be (and while its true that everyone benefits from that, most people don’t have T5 Ld10 wizards).

The new rules for template weapons mean Death Rockets and Earthshakers inflict a lot more hits, and coupled with the reintroduction of percentages, we can now build a really scary shooting phase while still having room for Blorcs/Sneaky Gits/BCs.

Its a massive boost overall, they’re easily top 10, possibly even top 5 imo. They lack scouts and true elites, but still have a lot of powerful tools.

vamps are a prime case in 7th it was always hard to beat vamps but with choas dwarfs but now i have plaied 3 games at 2400 points and won them all.
VCs are only doing well because of the Regen GG Deathstar that is in every competitive list; with Banner of Barrows and Helm of Commandment, it kills the world. In terms of versatility though, they’re very low now, with a lot of their troops poorly suited to 8th rules. I’m waiting for the Tomb Kings book to revamp (hoho) my undead.

Da Crusha:

oh yeah, Chaos Dwarfs have received a tremendous boost, they are definitely a competitive list in 8th edition (by the way I only really use the RH list). like baggroner has already mentioned, hobgoblins are the ultimate tar pit now as long as they are coupled with the general’s leadership as well as the rerolls provided by the Battle Standard Bearer. also Chaos dwarf warriors finally can use great weapons sufficiently with the step up rule, in fact they have become very powerful if positioned in horde formation.

while we might not have very good elite choices we can help our troops by debuffing our enemies with the lore of shadow. Lore of death is prefect for sniping enemy characters that are buffing there infantry troops such as deamon heralds.

our choices for magic items has also given us a tremendous boost.

the only thing that really got nerfed was the blunderbuss because charge ranges have increased. but now that the game is more infantry-based they are likely to have more targets.