[Archive] How should I paint my chaos siege gun?


Hi all,

Just got hold of the old unreleased Citadel chaos siege gun w/crew, and would like some ideas on how I should paint it. I am leaning towards a skin colour as it (I believe) is meant to be a monster as well as a warmachine… The army is already coloured in deep reds, so red is out and green is the colour of my army bases so it’ll be too much green overall. Metal is too plain and boring. Any ideas?



I would paint it in shadow grey (with various washes and highlights) on the fleshy parts then work through to boltgun metal on the actual metallic parts.

Or at least that is what I would do if I owned one, which I don’t.



I’m glad you got one Vintagephreak. I think that actual flesh tones would work quite well without upsetting your overall army scheme.

Pyro Stick:

If i got one then i would probably paint it like i painted my Manticore. Dark flesh with the purple designs over it.


Seriously! Can vintagephreak get his hands on ONE MORE great classic model or what???


Seriously! Can vintagephreak get his hands on ONE MORE great classic model or what???
Don't mean to come off all showy here, but collecting is what I do and have been doing for some years now. I have amassed numerous trade contacts through the years and it has finally led to the completion of my chaos dwarf collection- yay! I'll post pics of the whole army just after christmas, hopefully you'll appreciate it as much as I do!

Cheers! Martin


Cant wait,i think flesh colour would look great but would need some form of tone to reflect its demonic nature .

It is interesting that such a rare warmachne can really only be obtained by having other unreleased models to seal the deal .A hard thing to come by and i congratulate you on your acquisition.:hat


If you did it flesh coloured then it would look like a gross fat man, probably not the most pleasant thing to look at, especially if you have to paint the “end of the barrel”