[Archive] How tall was a Primarch?


How much taller compared to a plastic terminator?

I knew I’d find a use for that free one… :idea

zorn sabretooth:

well the’d probaly been a bit taller apart from gulliman who,being a smurf would be much smaller

Ghrask Dragh:

I’m sure I read that they are twice the size of a space marine, I think it was that abbadon was only as tall as Horus’s waist? but then he was in terminator armour… so basically, I can’t remember.

Glad I could help :cheers

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i don’t know how tall

but i’d say twice as tall

Ishkur Cinderhat:

From what I can remember from “Flight of the Eisenstein” and “Fulgrim” I seem to recall that they were about two heads taller than a regular marine. A mortal man would stand about to their waist.


the primarchs shoulders would be at the same level as the terminator helmet. So, he/it would be just a tad shorter than a dreadnaught. Since they were pure and grown completely from geneseed, they did not have the physical restrictions of starting out as human and being augmented… I remember in the old rogue trader stories of the Primarchs being on average 10-12 feet in height… Where a terminator was to have been 9-11 feet in height…


Ok, thanks.

Thats quite a bit of spacing I’ll need to do then…

Knight Of Awsome:

Are you going to make rules for him?

Lord Zarkov:

Well Horus’ talon fits a terminator suit perfectly and the Alpha Legion 1st Captain was about the same height as Alpharius when in Terminator armour (but he was unsusually tall). So slightly bigger prehaps, but not much so


What I’m doing is making a model of Horus based on the artwork by Adrian Smith.  Unlike my nurgle lord, I will only base it on the art, not try to copy it exactly how it is.

I want to portray him using a psychic attack, as there’s a chance I may make a duel with the Emperor and that would make it a lot more interesting.  You tend to only see the two posed for physical combat, but their almighty battle was fought on all levels.

So I’ll try to make the model just a little more dynamic, perhaps having one arm raised shooting lighning (no mace).