[Archive] How the kill the big bad k'daai


I have been talking to my game group and non of us know about how to kill the destroyer. I have only played a few game with the big boy but he just wipes everything and I kinda feel bad using him. I was wondering if there is any easy way of kill it or at least the very best ways to kill the guy. and i know on average it take 8 cannon ball hits to kill it so that’s one off the check list.

cheers guys.


Charge him with 1 mounted hero, with dragonbanegem og dragon helm, + a magic weapon (+attack or strenght, or just +1 to hit). No thunderstomp, 2+ ward vs all he has, slowly taking wounds. Might not kill him, but will lock him up


Oh boy, there are so many ways to kill the K’daais, or at least render them ineffective.

-First and foremost: frenzy. The bloody thing is frenzied, and if you give a quick read to the battle reports section you can find out about tons of enraged burning statues running after chickens (Eagles) and dogs (Wolf Riders).

-Heavy Infantry + Heroes: I personally charged my K’daai in a Warriors of Chaos/Bestigor/Infernal guard Horde. Sure, I killed plenty of my opponent’s troops, but in the end the tally of high WS/S attacks grinded my baddie to the ground.
A little note: In all the situations above the K’daai was unsupported. Not the most tactical thing to do I know. But seeing a Chaos Lord cutting his way through a flaming robot is just too good a picture.

-Poison: Never, EVER charge those Ghouls. Period. You are lucky if your big engine of destruction lives the first round of combat (seriously). And watch out for those pesky Skinks…

-Dragonhelm: Goblin Boss on wolf! Charge! The bloody thing can’t be thunderstomped, and has a 2+ ward save. Granted, the Destroyer will eventually win the combat thanks to all his attacks… But this means that your big bad lava sweating monstrosity just passed the last 2 - 4 combat phases playing break the mole without having much success. A little note on this: tarpitting the Destroyer allows your opponent to gain time. And you ARE going to fail one of those Burning Bright rolls ;).

-Magic: Heh. Explains itself!!!

Daemonsmith’s handbook. In particular read Baggronor’s reply.

The Besieger played lots of games. Some of them with 2 Destroyers!!! You might be surprised to know that not only he lost both of em in most games, but also they didn’t achieve much either! And if memory serves me well he sounded like a really good player.


skinks… unit of 10 chameleon killed mine in turn 1


skinks.... unit of 10 chameleon killed mine in turn 1

As an ex Lizardmen player who owned over 10.000 points of scaly critters over 6 years I can't help but to smile at this statement... Wait, this forum is about Chaos Dwarfs isn't it?


Watch out to loosing on combat res. static res. from 25 man strong units w. Rankbonus, banner, charge and bsb gets it off the table fast


You can also play with the Light Lore of magic and the “anti-demons” spells, or the unstable rule (a bsb knight with a 2++ against fire for example.).


All the above.

Hit him with a large regiment of zombies and he is out. Cost absolutely nothing and he’ll never get through them whwn more constantly get raised.

Oh. And cannon balls do wonders. Need a couple of rolls to succeed, but takes him out. Especially a magical dwarf of demon canonball.

As a chaos dwarf player. I would never bring a destroyer against other Dawi Zharr. A hellbound irondemon takes him out fast.

If making a list against CDs, just assume there is gonna be a destroyer. And then every opponnent can field either a very cheap stopper or something that kills him.

And on a second not: Please modify your first post, and fix thread name: “How to kill the big bad k’daii”.

This is a good thread. Anything to remove the stigma from us.


In my last match my Kaddie front charged something like 50 zombies and deleted them without taking a single wound: crumble is a serious issue for undead players. Probably skaven slaves would last more, but zombies cannot block a destroyer for much time, they can delay him tough


And on a second not: Please modify your first post, and fix thread name: "How to kill the big bad k'daii".

K'Daai is even better. ;)
It's the worst unit name ever I think...


It’s too easy to stop a K’daai destroyer. Mount and dragon bane gem. THere you go. Hold up for at least 3 turns. It gives you time to flank it with something better or put chaff in place for when it breaks free.

Hounestly, I don’t even bring it anymore, when my opponents know im a CD player.


You don’t even need a mounted hero and dragon bane gem. All you need is your usual artilley park and wizardry. The K’daai Destroyer have on average died already on turn 2 (though with more deaths on turn 3 than 1) in my games. :slight_smile:


And on a second not: Please modify your first post, and fix thread name: "How to kill the big bad k'daii".

K'Daai is even better. ;)
It's the worst unit name ever I think...

I've been spelling the name wrong since day one. I've even pointed out to many people that k'daai was wrong. I've looked it up in the book and read k'daii...

Well. I guess I'll be off trying to enter the World Championship of Seppuku!


At least you didn’t say harakiri instead of seppuku <3


Maybe change it to “big bad” as well, :wink:


Spirit hosts in the vampire army (legions too, I guess) are my bane. The K’daii can rampage across a zombie/skeleton unit with a character in it (even a blender lord to an extent), but given that a K’daii is not magical, ethereal is my bane. Turns my games against vamps from rampaging through non-ghoulish units, to frantically circling around the army, avoiding failed frenzy checks and screams, while trying the make the charge into a vampire unit. Hilarious against banner of the world dragon though

Terrorgheists screams work too. I figure you can summon one after a spell or two in the new undead lore in end times.

Mass poison/magical attacks is its bane, or the items listed above.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Chaff block him to abuse his frenzy.

Ethereals screw him.

Poison snaps him.

Dragonbane gem and dragonhelm character (if the character happens to be tzeentch with third eye he is really screwed).



Slaanesh magic to screw movement.

Units he can’t thunderstomp last longer.

When i first started using this bad boy i decided to only ever run 1. Now that the info is out and peeps understand his weaknesses, anyone fighting chaos dwarfs should always plan for him.

I still love using him but it’s sad to see him get countered real quick. It is almost as bad as fighting someone who didn’t bring the right tools against him…


Easy: Battle Stardard bearer mounted with dragongem or helm, potion of strenth, magic weapon. If you get rear charge, it is dead. Flank, almost

Considering you make only 1 wound: Charge,+1 battle bearer,1wound, flank.

Unstable= 4 wounds less.

If you get rear, 5 wounds less, dead.