[Archive] How to convert Mechanical Bull Centaurs?

The Odor:

I have edited my list to include some Bull Centaurs and now I ponder on how to make 'em.

Since most of my army is Machinery based I would like my Bull Centaurs to be very mechanicaly looking. It is described as if as they get older and more beat up thye turn into metal and need upkeep by Deamonsmiths to heal. This somewhat of the look I wanted.


I’d look at Impact Miniatures Dwarf centaurs… they’re meant for a Fantasy football miniature game but they’re bull centaurs where ther bull part is mechanical: Impact! Miniatures

Da Crusha:

I'd look at Impact Miniatures Dwarf centaurs... they're meant for a Fantasy football miniature game but they're bull centaurs where ther bull part is mechanical: http://www.impactminiatures.com/index.php?option=brdwarf

They also have the nicest asses of all bull centaurs.



I’d start with plastic juggernauts.


Grim, what torso would you stick to a juggernaut… something big like a mino, or would something smaller fit?


If you’re looking for a GW legal conversion, I’d agree with Grimstonefire.

The Odor:

What upper body would fit the Juggers?


Maybe minotaurs:



Personally I wouldn’t go with minotaurs.

I can’t figure out exactly when they plan to release the rumoured new dragon ogres, but if they are effectively a plastic chaos ogre on dragon legs I’d actually be tempted to go for those for the upper body

In the meantime however I’d be tempted to try and bitz order the Warmachine plastic warjack parts.  I have seen them on ebay.

Or use ogre torso.



Something I suggested to Saxon and as he has every single whfb army, he had the parts lying around to actually do!

I think it’s fine being hueg if you read the fluff text.


Nice conversion fattdex! Given the fact WF has said that Bull centaurs are on 50mm x 50mm bases you’d expect they’d be as big and bulked out at these.

The Odor:

Do we have any news on when we might get some Offical Minis for the Bulls?