[Archive] How to handle Warriors of Chaos, 1500


Hey gang! I’m involved in a Warhammer Fantasy campaign, and someone’s challenged me to a game tomorrow, with a magic weapon at stake!

I don’t remember his list verbatim, but the major components are:

Lvl 1 Tzeentch Sorcerer on Disk

Exalted Champion on Jugger with Charmed Shield

4 Skullcrushers with Full Command, Ensorcelled Weapons

25 Warriors of Tzeentch, HWS

5 Hounds

2 Chariots(possibly Gorebeast or Khorne)


My list has

Lvl 2 Daemonsmith Sorc, Lore of Death, Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castellan(General) Black Hammer of Hashut, Mask of the Furnace, Pistol, Shield

23 Infernal Guard(HWS)

Full Command

War Banner

2x 20 Hobgoblins(Bow and Shield)

Full Command


Magma Cannon

6 Bull Centaurs with Great Weapons

Full Command

Neither of us can change our lists or our generals. My biggest concerns are the Skullcrushers and the chariot. I just do not have enough shots to deal with both of them AND the Chimera, they’ll be in my face too quickly. So what do I do? For the campaign, the Hammer was free, but if I lose this challenge he gets it!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Your Infernal Castellan build doesn’t look legal to me. Unless you’re playing with special rules of some kind?

Lore of Death will handle the Chimera obviously so that’s not really even a threat. And the Magma Cannon has to target the Skullcrushers or they’ll kill everything else. Hobbos will take down the doggies and can pepper the wizard with arrows. That leaves the Bull Centaurs to finish off the chariots and the Infernal Guard (who will lose eventually) to handle the Warriors. I think you have an uphill battle =(


@Grimbold: For the campaign, every army gets a free magic item(up to 35pts) from their respective books, with the caveat that you can be challenged for your items. If you lose, you lose your item. I picked the Black Hammer of Hashut to replace my Castellan’s Great Weapon.

Yeah, it turns out I have to postpone the game, so I get a liiiiiittle more time to plan, but as it stands right now, It’s gonna be tough. His Crushers are MURDEROUS, especially with his Exalted Champ in the unit with a sword of ASF and Charmed Shield.


are you able to change your wizards lore? Metal is so strong for CD its not funny. I would figure the magma cannon would make short work of the chimera while metal could kill crushers.

But ya bulls kill chariots, Hobs to kill dogs, and shoot the sorc. Youre gonna to try and avoid the warriors until u can take the charge on the stubborn IG, and be ready with bulls or a fresh unit of gobs to counter charge for static res.

Id agree its going to be uphill tho. Lore of metal would make your life a LOT easier.


Your odds don’t look good.

The Disc fellow will probably have a 3+ ward, re-rolling 1s like a pro. Best way to deal with this guy is actually panic - try and wipe something out within 6" of him. If your opponent is any good, he’ll never be within 6" of anything though :wink: He’ll probably hoover up your war machines and unfortunately there isn’t really anything reliable you can do about it.

Changing the magic lore to Metal would be crucial. The first Daemonsmith I take is always ‘Mr Searing Doom’ as he has come to be known. If you can’t, then just snipe the crap out of the Chimera.

Drop a Demolition Shell from the Deathshrieker on that Exalted Champion on Juggernaut, he has no Look Out Sir roll. You’ll have to hit him with something else first to remove the Charmed Shield though - either a spell or the Magma Cannon.

For future lists, I think you would benefit greatly from a few Hobgoblin Khans on wolves to redirect units like Skullcrushers (and then flank them with BCs).

And Razor Standard or (better) great weapons on the IG. I know its expensive, but they just don’t kill anything otherwise.


Hmm…unfortunately, I do not think I can change my lore. So it seems things are looking mighty grim for me. I just don’t have the shooting to deal with everything.

But, as Captain James Kirk once said, “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario. I don’t like to lose”. So I guess I’d be best off turtling in one corner, use the BC’s as a refused flank, try to lure him into splitting his forces. Magma Cannon seems like my best bet for dealing with the Crushers. I’m honestly thinking the Death Shrieker is going to be dead weight in this game. The only thing it’s likely to do damage to is the Hounds and maaaaaybe the Crushers if the Demo Rocket hits one. But those things are disgusting in combat. We’ve run simulations, his Crushers will smash my BCs in two rounds at best.

Anyone have experience in dropping Crushers?

Ceann Fine:

Lore of metal is amazing against WoC, except the occasional character with the stupid dragonbane gem :mad