[Archive] How to improve Chaos dwarf movement


As I see it, the main problem with the Chaos Dwarfs is the lack of movement. Most other armies do better in the all importent move phase, so my question is: how do we improve the CD movement or what can we do to counter this?

fast stuff we have:

pricey wolf riders and one unit of Heavy Cav (BC)

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Lord Zarkov:


to be fair though movement is one of our few weaknesses to make up for the fact that our list covers most bases so it wouldn’t be balanced to ‘fix’ it


actually there is only one unit entry in our list that is M3…

it happens to be the only core choice tho…

but most choices in the army are M4 or better…

if you must hustle your dwarf blocks… try shadow magik… unseen lurker for the move…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Only the CD Lord, Sorcerer Lord, Hero, Sorcerer and Warriors have M3. Everything else has M4 or above. We have a much more varied moevment phase than most armies and Dwarfs are worse off than us for this. I think leave the movement phase as is. We can slow their troops with the ES and we can use M9 wolves and M8 BCs, movement 4 HGs and slave units…

The Flying Beaver:

If movement is your concern, try the hamme rand anvil tactic. Take some slow blocks of imfantry to form a powerful center, while a Great Taurus, bull centaur unit and wolfriders move quickly to the flank, teaming up and destroying your enemy.


I think that they’re quite a fast army and this is coming from a hardcore Beastman player!

As said above, there aren’t that many units with M3 (considering we’re dwarfs).

This is why people refer to CDs as being an ‘unbalanced’ and ‘cheesy’ list, because we have a lack of weaknesses.

The Flying Beaver:

This is why people refer to CDs as being an 'unbalanced' and 'cheesy' list, because we have a lack of weaknesses.
But know that this isn't true! We lack scouts, skirmishers, elite infantry and heavy cavalry (Bull centaurs hit hard, but are too vulnerable to be considered heavy cav.) Chaos dwarfs have a rough time against MSU armies, as wel as monster armies such as ogre kingdoms. We're strong, but definately not invincible. People who say otherwise are probably just poor tacticians.

Lord Zarkov:

There are really only two things especially unbalanced in our favour when compared to equivalents in other armies are the Ld of our hero and the ES (and prehaps the BT cost).

Everything else has it’s easy counters, or is not much more powerful than units with similar roles in other armies.


I think u have misunderstood what I mend with this post

Chaos dwarf is a slow (M3-4) big blocks army with a few fast units army, problems is that even do we got a few good thinks like the Ld (as mentioned) problem is: this not very good against the high free move armyes like wood elf, lizardmen, tomb king, vc … Even dwarf with tunnellers and the new anvil have way better move. They can so easy outmanoeuvre u and when they get u war machines u have nothing left.

What i want is ideas - what we can do, i know we newer get no way near armyes like wood elf with there fast cav, flyers and skirmishers or Tomb kings with all there move spells, but if anyone have any ideas they would be very welcome.

Some things i know

- If u play with big blocks take a bull lord and bull hero in them - they can charge out, that give a "long range charge option in u line.

- 3-4 blocks of hobgobs the longer line the fewer places opponent can get past u.

- I have tried the RoR vespero’s vendetta they are a special choice and 125p is ok for a much wanted skirmish unit


and shadow magic of course… which you keep ignoring…

but to be honest CDs are an infantry army… there is no “fixing” it… it is what it is…

it also does alot to equalize movement in the shooting phase… much like the new anvil…

but perhaps you are unaware focussing on drawing more cav from other armies and ignoring the cannon completely…

back to basics… earthshaker cannon…

Lord Zarkov:

back to basics... earthshaker cannon...

ES + M3 = M2 < M3
ES + M8 = M4 (same as HGs)
etc, the ES is our key to bringing enemies down to our speed as well as stopping their firepower
This is really the only 'fix' required to balance movements

also fire magic can be used very effectivly to incinerate light cavalry (and thus end the fast cavalry problem) while BBs are just as effective against skirmishers as against ranked units

The CD army does not rely on it's own speed and menouvrability (afterall it has dwarfs and animosity sufferers); it instead denies other armies their menouvrability

Hashut’s Blessing:

Three things to do.

1.Earthshaker. Maybe times two. Reduces movement rates AND shooting (if combined with point number 2, means they cannot march AND are at half speed!).

2.March blockers! (Lammasu, Great Taurus [rear charges anyone?], Hobgobling Wolf Riders, Bull Centaurs [including heroes and lords])

3.Lore of Shadow induces a LOT of movement…