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Ive been doing this for a while now, and i will say im most impressed!

Ive seen people making molds for various bits, for the CD’s, such as Big Hats… I will say it has turned out quite well.

Materials: Long candle, Clay, and a lighter… (I nice chair is a wise investment for your back!)

1. You need a block of clay 2"x1".

2. Firmly place the desired bit into the clay, after with GENTILITY remove it, and repeat with the OTHER side of the bit. Remember, this wont work so well with swords/weapons…

3. Put the block in the freezer, to harden.

4. Take the block out, and put down some towels, and get ready for some fire.

5. Light the long candle, and let the wax drip INTO the mold… fill it up well, and let dry 5 min. (If you wet a large brush, you can put water on it, to make it dry FASTER.

6. Carefully remove, and clean off any excess clay.

I hope this helps you save a bit of money. (Especially if your in America, our economy


There are much easier and safer ways to do this with resin you know? Metal casting should be safe, as long as it’s done properly.


I prefer wax, cheaper on my budget…


I guess if you’re okay with the softness of wax, then by all means. I’m a bit clumsy and always manage to drop my models or go at them with knives and high speed rotary tools. To that end (particularly the rotary tool bit), I prefer resin. Its costly, but the results are a lot more durable.


Don’t you have trouble with wax melting, if you left your minis in your car on a summer day for example?


I never leave my mini’s in my car… Ntm i live in Colorado… But i suppose that may be a issue; regardless wax cant melt just because of about 90*, i lived in Florida for 9 years, and we had dozens of candles…

Wax is a substitute for metal, until i can get a easier way to cast with it.


Is resin really that expensive?

I’m getting 2 · 1 Kg cans (1Kg resin and 1Kg catalyst) for 22 �,�.

And that’s a lot of miniatures!

Kera foehunter:

josh you live in Southpark Colorado

well i would just use skully clay 1.89 a pack

it the same put the design in the clay and bake it!!

i know you can’t play with a lighter thow!!


I having trouble believing that the wax will stay good. If you say so and it works for you then great of course but it sounds so fragile…


I was looking at Latex Rubber and Resin for molds and casts recently. I just want to read more before trying it.

Groznit Goregut:

I’ve been researching making molds and using resin. If I am going to do a lot of work converting some of these Chaos Dwarfs, I don’t want to do a whole army!

From what I can find, it will cost around $65 or so to get the materials to make the molds. I think about $30-35 of it will be the mold making material. You get a lot of it, though. If I could find a smaller amount for cheaper, I would do it. I found it costs about the same for the resin, too. Once again, you get a lot. I thought about making resin heads that I could then put on any of the BfSP minis, but with so much mold material, I could convert up a whole slew of BfSP minis and make molds for each of them. It would take longer to convert up the originals, but be quicker in the long run to crank out a nice variety of different troop types.


I think that the wax could work on a smaller scale, like a weapon, feet/boots or something like that. For casting entire armies, yah, resin sounds like a better, more effective method. I’ve used resin (and when I say ‘I’ I mean ‘Xander did while I watched him work’)

but definitely wax in cooler climates… haha, reminds me of my Magnadoodle in the back window of our car while we went to Marineland when I was 5… sigh I miss that Magnadoodle… :frowning:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I would imagine it’s quite hard to actually paint wax, is it not?


I’d be tempted try this method to this method to test out my mold, or to see if the pieces made will work. It’s not a bad idea for that per se. Either that or I’m misunderstanding the point.

If I’m sculpting up pieces I’ve made (such as if I designed my own hats), I’d want to go the more traditional route. I’m a bit picky that way.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Your way sorta sounds a little dangerous and maybe a fire hazard. :slight_smile: But I guess it could work and wax isn’t as fragile so they could probably last in heat for a while.

What sort of bits have you casted so far using this method. Any pics?


I make a rubberized mold and cast with dental plaster. It works very well and paints well.


Thori, so far ive done alot of Power-Arms for my home made robots (Also engineered great weapons for my Warriors) and ive done quite alot of bitz (Hats, books, mask’s, a FEW blunderbuss’s.)

Ill mail you some pic’s soon.