[Archive] how to make hats? help needed

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i have recently bought bfsp and am having a difficult time with green stuff so can anyone suggest something else for making hats?


Hi. Method that i use is pretty easy and doesn’t require so much GS as if i’d make them just using gs. Just get some board pins from some store nearby, cut the spike out and fatten them with gs. And if you like, you can glue a flat, round GW shield on top. Add some details with plastic parts or GS and you got urself a HAT!

Sorry but i don’t have pics of the board pins without GS, but this is unpainted pic of the hat:

This is what it looks like when finished and painted:

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well there a lot here on the site that people made there own hats!!! just take time to go over the site maybe in the converion section.

im not a hat fan !! but i use the push pin you get anywhere!!

and i bulk them out a little with green stuff !

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the push pin sounds good thanks alot for that and nice dwarfs to


I personally recommend plastic golf tees. i picked up about 20 for 74p. theyre dunlops 1 7/16 inch ones. you can slice them in half with a bit of effort and i find with minimal greenstuffing arround the base and silling in the cup if you want to they make very awesome, very cheap hats.

also i imagine if you get bigger tees you can have even bigger hats :hat off

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Actually, the [[Hat Conversions]] page could use some content if any of y’all are willing to upload your stuff.


much as id love to contribute. the best i can manage at the moment is a very bad photo of my 1st ever conversion (the 2nd is in the background), and a couple more of my BFSP champion conversion. my main problem is that i had to take them using a webcam, being poor and lacking a digital camera.

again appologies for the quality :~


Kera foehunter:

it look good the last picture shows the tall hat better


i like the golf tee hat idea. i might have 2 get me some of them:hat off


do a search for this, there have been about a dozen threads all with good advice :wink: