[Archive] How would you defeat this army


Wood Elf Lord

Alter Kindred

Light armour


Bow Of Loren

Arcane Bodkins

Amberblah brooch (3+ Ward)


Great weapon


Hail of Doom Arrow

Light armour


Lvl 2 Mage

Dispel Scroll

D3 wounds on ld test spite

Lvl 2 Mage

Staff of Sorcery

10 Glade Guard

Musician, Champion

10 Glade Guard

+ Musician, Champion

5 Glade riders

+musician, std, champ

8 Wardancers

+ musician

8 Wardancers

+ musician

3 Treekin

3 Warhawk riders

8 Waywatchers


comes to 2296 pts or something like that.

I’ll probably switch out one of the wardancer squads for some dryads once my nice metal ones arrive from mail order. Also, I want to point out that waywatchers are the most underrated unit ever! expensive but so annoying to your foe, and with 2 hand weapons each a unit of 8 gets 16 WS4 attacks… more than enough to smoke any weapons crew. I wouldn’t mind having some more Glade riders, they’re rather good - but dont know what I’d sacrifice to have them…

“The terminator” alter lord is a right laugh though… moves 9", gets 5 shots, hitting on 2’s with no armour save… the perfect foil to gay heavy cavalry armies. His 5 STR6 attacks and 3+ ward save dont hurt either

Death aka Joe:

Thats a tough army. WE being probably one of the harder armies to play against with slow moving troops. My strategy would be the following (per the list i made):

-Fire magic! and magic missles would do a world of hurt on the wardancers/ flammable units/ waywatchers.

-My earthshaker would be aimed at the archers the whole game.

-3 bt’s would be sniping at the treekin and or treemen

- My bull centaur hero with the magic hammer (kills flammable targets automatically when they take a wound) would be making a b-line right to the treeman.

Once you lose enough pts youll have to come to me, and ill have 1 BO unit, 2 CD units, and 2 blunderbuss units waiting for u :slight_smile:

not guarenteed to work. But i do know magic missles are key to killing skirmishers and archers :hat off


Sorcerer lord and 2 other sorcerers would be very effective with the rubbish chalice item that would shine here :smiley:


Right, these guys hate BBs, since there impresive combat troops are all T3, so whn they get close. KABLUIEE.

general hint


I would go for the treekin with my lord on taurus with flaming hammer… an expensive unit and easy kill.

The earthshaker would shoot for one or both of the heros with bow to prevent your shooting, as would my magic, as you have no large blocks to hide heros. 4 bolt throwers would light up the treeman.

blunderbusses would wait for approching skirnishers and fire away… hit on 4 wound on 2 or 3, then stand and shoot for same again, with my static res you have to win by a lot to make them flee, otherwise I bring in another unit countercharging.


You might want to consider having a long frontage for your blunderbuss units, 10 by 2 instead of 5 by 4 because S5 is overkill for T3 units.


Of course having some cheap hobbos for fodder/speed bumps doesn’t hurt either, but I really like Metro’s strategy.


Use my Skaven with plenty of tunnling teams haha.

On a serious note using a CD army, I would personally say large blocks of hobbos to absorb fire, either a magic heavy fire army with a flying kamikaze hobbo with GW and Gauntlets (havoc on expensive units aka mages whereupon you can blast them more) or a Lord on a Taurus to burn them, or eat them, whichever he is in the mood for :cheers

My usual Woodie opponent uses no tree things so just an Asrai army a Spellweaver, Spellsinger, Skaw the Falconer and a Noble with Amber Amulet, loads of warhawks, one big unit of waywatchers a independan Great Eagle and quite a few Glade Guard and a big unit of stubborn Eternal Guard with noble (guess what, because of the noble character and item he strikes first always along with half the unit he is with!)

I have a bad track record against him only beating him with my Skaven but against this army I would love my CD shooty weapons (aka BBuss) that usually don’t get the chance to do anything at all apart from shout at the pointy eared pansies to fight like a Dwarf.


2 Earthshakers…wait, make that three.��With plenty of guards. Plus some wolfies, and a lord on taurus with black hammer.


2 earthshakers? Be prepared for everyone to hate you afterwards.


sniff sniff Is this cheese I reek?

- Tallhat


I Have to say i would take 8 Bt 2 eathshakers and a Cd lord onna taurus. but every1 would hate me