[Archive] huge big hat chaos dwarf army


For sale :

* 3 death rockets

1 earhshaker cannon

2 hobgoblin bolt trowers

2 Great taurussen with riders

1 lammasu met rider with rider

* 4 heroes /lords on foot

30 metal chaos dwarf warriors with command group

14 hobgoblin wolf riders 2 in blister

20 plastic chaos dwarf warrior with command group

16 bull centaurs

39 blunderbusses with command group

15 hobgoblin archers with command group

25 sneaky Gits, 3 hobgoblin with hand weapon

2 astragoths

* 1 chaos dwarf codex

2 boxes magic cards arcane/magic

1 sheet banners, evrything is original gw no conversions but paint has to be removed.

Forge world

* 1 drazhoath THE Ashen fw new

2 skullcrackers fw new

2 limited chaos dwarf sorcerers fw new

total pakket 750 euro plus shipping coste. for more pictures email me vandessel90@hotmail.com

link to advertice



That seems to me a very fair price and a great collection.

Good luck for your trade!


Thanks , i think iT is also a fair good price , If you count iT out iT is over THE 1000 euro normally …


Lot is sold.

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