[Archive] Hunted Lammasu


For anyone who plays Magic:TG, this art was on a recent card.

Wizards of the Coast

Pretty cool pic. You can see the bull body and a pretty cool face. He also has feathery wings.

Thought I’d share it with you guys. :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Yes i saw this when I was thinking of my lammasu conversion, great pic! I was thinking of doing similar armour, I might still take the colour-scheme from it though like the black beard and green eyes!


well the lammansu is always depicted with feathered wings…

except by GW… who chose the leathery variety…


I suppose GW tends to give feathered wings to the good armies (excluding dragons), and leathery to the evil (like dark pegasus)

Pyro Stick:

I dont think the feathery wings look too good on this model. That model looks like an overall good army model to me.


Looks okay I wouldn’t be the biggest fan, I really like the backround buildings though.


lammansu according to the old folklore someimes had five legs, but that might be quite hard to sculpt to look good. just incase any of you were interested