[Archive] Hurray!


Yesterday I found all my warhammer books I thought irremediably lost ! It includes :

v5 lizardmen army book

v6 lizardmen army book

v6 rulebook

wh40k rulebooks, the previous one and the one before.

Dark eldar codex and the same one without the updates.

Chaos marine (not up-to-date) codex.

A bunch of white dwarves I got here & there.

A sell-by-mail catalog before the currency change to euro !

Two promotionnal The Lord Of The Rings booklets.

A promotionnal Wh40k booklet, and another warhammer (really old) one.

A make your own terrain book.

And also two older than me Ad&D books.

This are all the books I collected through my life bar this year (where I re-bought rule books). I am super-happy and I wanted to share it ! So internet-beer for everyone ! :cheers Cheers !


Great stuff. I’ve never actually looked at the make your own terrain book, is it any good?


I think it is for beginners, but most of the stuff in it you can learn it on internet or with experience anyways. I also have an old edition of it too (with pictures of chaos dwarves in it, no kidding ! ), I think it was actualised a few years ago.