[Archive] I can win with this list! 2500 pnt ravening hordes


Just played a friendly tournament, brought this list and actually won the tournament. (only 18 or so players but still).

here it is:
8th ed Tainted dwarfs. 2500 pnt. (25% = 625)

Tainted Dwarf Lord (120) Armour of Furnace (45) Ogre Blade (40)  
Ironcurse Icon(5) Shield (3) (3+ armour save, 5+ ward) 213
Unit has 6+ ward against warmachine wounds

Tainted Rune Shadow Sorcerer (190) Dispel(25) Talisman of Endurance (30) 245
5+ ward save

Total: 458

Hobgoblin Hero (40)Heavy armour(4), greatweapon (4) Dragonhelm(10) Black gem of Gnar (35) 93
(4+ armour 2+ ward against fire attacks)

Tainted Thane (60) BSB(25) Armour of Gazrakh(30) Biting Blade(10) Luckstone(5) 125
(1+ armour save, 1x reroll save, attacks are armour piercing)

Tainted Dwarf Metal Sorcerer (60) Scroll of Shielding (15) 75

Total: 293


38 Tainted Dwarfs(9) Heavy armour, Greatweapon(2) Full command (30) Banner of Swiftness(15) 463
(unit has +1 Move)

28 Tainted Dwarfs(9) Heavy armour, Greatweapon(2) Full command (30) Licebone Pennant(15) 353
(unit has Magic Resistance 1)

18 Tainted Dwarf Blunderbusses, heavy Armour, Blunderbuss full command (30) 246

35  Hobgoblins(2) Handweapon 70

Total: 1132


4 Boltthrowers (120) 120

total: 120


Earthshaker. 3 crew 110

Earthshaker. 3 crew 110

6 Centaurs (20) Heavy armour (1) additional handweapons, shield 126

6 Centaurs (20) Heavy armour (1) additional handweapons, shield 126

total: 472

Grand Total: 2475

The lord and BSB go in the horde of 40 (this is defiantly not the best unit in the game but can really do some damage)

The level 3 an hobgobbo go in the other unit, this unit is ranked up so it remains steadfast for some time.

I dont like magic so I bring shadow, has some nice hex spells i can roll with a few dice to  limit the chance of total power. The level 1 actually does all the damage (the signature spell of metal is great against well armored troops. I like rolling 6 powerdice with him to get total power, he mostly wanders allone so miscast arent that scary. Hiss scroll of Shielding is great. and if somene cast at the other CD unit (magic res it becomes 3+ ward against all damage!)

I love that you can bring 2 units of centaurs and 2 eartshakers!
The centaurs take over the roll of the wolfboys, they are actually cheaper and can do 18 S4 attacks against anything with I3 or less, great support.

I really mis the +1 to hit against large targets, so 4 Bolthrouwers is really what you need if you want to hit at least once a turn, also putting 4 together looks like a great target for scary flying monsters but only take up 120 points. I really dont care if they get charged.

And the banner of swiftness has gotten me in combat very vast many times. (an average of 11" charge range!! I love 8th edition).

Firts there were some black orcs in this list, I dropped them but really miss them (take 18, thats about 19 S5 attacks in the first round if you have a champion). for the rest Im quite happy with this list.

a shot from the final battle of the tournament.

Da Crusha:

oh wow congratulations. what armies did you face? I am most curious as to how the bull centaurs did. we all know cavalry got severely nerfed in 8th ed.


@Da Crusha.

Beastmen, Orc and gobbos and in the final more orc and gobbo’s (so no really scary stuff but I must say, orcs do really well in 8th edition. a horde of 50 nightgoblins with nets an spears can take on a lot. 40! S3 attackt cant be ignored)

The centaurs work great! I just put them on both the flanks, they are cheap as hell but my opponent cant ignore them (18 S4 attacks). the second game the charged a chariot he couldnt get away cos of the earthshaker), the broke it, overran in in trolls, broke them and overran in spiderriders, unfortunatly the triggered some nightgoblins fanatics than but they were on their way to make a mess of half his army. Against chaos warriors they are completely and utterly useless, just like the rest of my army.

At first I thought they would just stay in the cabinet for this edition, but I must say I quite like them, maybe I’ll try to field a bigger unit once, I love the +1 armour save the have now. Hordes are great in 8th ed. but some people forget you still need cheap support, and for 126 point the are a bargain ( I dont think I’ll ever use my wolfboys again in 8th)


Congrats… This gives me a lot of hope for 8th ed.


Just curious, how did the blunderbusses work out with having a full command? I normally find I don’t have enough of them to warrant the points for a banner, not to mention the victory points given away if they run.


Nicely done. Your units of BCs are interesting indeed! Might give me cause to make at least one unit of them for this edition, maybe even 2!


@Corker well the main reason was that the second scenario to be played was “Blood an Glory” Ans I wanted a “decoy” banner in my army. (the horde with BSB and general is the real target, I lose if they get destroyed and the extra banner takes the focus away from the main block) the champion is there because I sometimes put the level 1 mage in the unit so he can challenge big scary thingys. and the musician is a must to preform a quick reform and blast something that got out of the shooting arc. But I must say, they are quite good in combat, 13 S3 attacks, they cant really take something head on but as there are 18 they take away ranks. and I like to keep them on the flank so thats quite possible.

@Xander Try one! you’ll love them I promise you.