[Archive] I couldnt think where else to out it

Radagast the Brown:

Well ive decided to put my writing abilities to the test and to start writing a novel, its going to be a setup for a later novel series i was writing for fun but kind of stopped after starting college

so here we are, please give me feedback and the like, will be of alot of use, and if i have put in the wrong place let me know :cheers

The Awakening


I saw the site. It’s cool but generates lots of pop ups. Are you going to put up sample chapters of your stories? I just found a plot synopsis. The idea for your book is interesting and I think it would make for a fun and intertaining read.

Radagast the Brown:

hmmm it shouldnt do that, i thought it would just be the ones at the top of the screen, the reason for them is they let you have the site for free if you have the google ads on it, horrible but needed

and thank you :), i will most probably put excerpts later on, but they will only be a paragraph or two, dont want to reveal too much :wink: